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Te- baby names and what they mean, with 48 results. These girl names reached the height of their popularity in the 1960s (USAGE OF 1.54%) and are now significantly less conventional (USAGE 0.12%, 92%), with names like Terri becoming somewhat dated. Tessa (#245) is the most trendy girl name here, while Testa (TOP 3%) and Tell (11%) are familiar Te- surnames. Here is the list of Te- names for boys.

Te- names

Te- - Temira | Temis - Teryn | Tesla - Texana

Te- - Temira

Te- and variants

Te-, var. Teonna, Teona, Tenisha, Tenesha, Telisa, Telisha, Telayna, Teanna, Teana
Stems fr. American. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Teanna, Tenesha and Tenisha are more common as girls' names among the versions of Te-.


Root fr. Italian element. Short form of Teresa, made familiar .. Less used today. Tea was last recorded in 2006 in the Top 2000.

Var. of Dorothy. Stems fr. Greek element. "Gift of God." Teia is also a moderately popular baby name. See also Tesa.

Form of Thea. From Greek. "Goddess." Tea (cf. Cea, Pea) is a common -ea suffix surname. See also Rea.

Source fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Poet, philosopher." Teagin is not a Top 2000 name.

Teal, var. Teille, Teill, Teil, Teela, Teall, Tealle
Derived fr. English language. .. the bird of the blue green .. Rare as baby names, but Teal, Teela, etc. are pronounced like the more conventional Twyla.


Form of Tiara. Derived fr. Latin word. "Headdress." Adoption of Teara was elevated 28 years ago. See also Terah.

Tecla and variants

Tecla, var. Telka, Telca, Tekli, Tekla, Teccla
Origin fr. Greek word. "God's glory." Less popular today. Tekla was the variant last listed (1890-1899) in the Top 2000.

Theodora and variants

Teodory, Teodora, Tedra, Teddie, Teddey
Forms of Theodora. Based on Greek word. "God's gift." Teddey, Teddie, Tedra and Teodory are more novel as baby names among the variant forms of Theodora.


Based on English, Greek. "God's gift." Unusual. Teddi is not found in the US Demographics. See also Taddie.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Te- names: Tea, Teanna, Teara, Teddi, Teena

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Te- names: Tekla, Tena, Tenesha, Tenisha, Teodora

Valentina and variants

Tena1, Teina1, Teena1
Forms of Valentina. Based on Latin element. "Strong, healthy." Somewhat common as children's names, Teena, Teina, etc. are similar to the common Keena.

Christina and variants

Teyna, Teena2
Forms of Christina. Based on Latin. "Follower of Christ." Teena is widely used as a children's name among the variations of Christina.

Tena2, Teina2, Teenie, Teena3
Var. of Tina. From Latin. .. Rock singer Tina Turner. Used somewhat frequently as baby names, Teena, Teina, etc. are similar to the conventional Trina.

Form of Tita. Feminine of Titus or Tito .. Teeta is an intermittently used women's name. See also Reeta.

Tehila, var. Tehilla
Derived fr. Hebrew. "Praise song." Outside Top 2000.

Var. of Aisha. Origin fr. Arabic word. "Alive and well." Seldom used as a birth name these days, though Teisha still occurs commonly as a first name for women. See also Tenisha.

Var. of Eleri. Source fr. Welsh word. .. Place name. Seldom used as a children's name.

Var. of Thelma. Derived fr. Greek language. "Will, volition." Unusual as a girls' name, but Telma is comparable to the more conventional Selma. See also Telca.

Temika, Temeequa
Var. of Tamika. Modern American name of uncertain origin .. Not in Top 2000.

Temira, var. Temora
Based on Hebrew language. "Tall." Temira and Temora are unique as children's names.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Te- names for girls.

1. Te- - Temira
Te- [Teona, Teonna, Telisa, Tenisha, Tenesha, Telisha, ..], Tea, Dorothy [Tea], Thea [Tea], Teagin, Teal [Teil, Teill, Teela, Teall, Teille, Tealle], Tiara [Teara], Tecla [Telka, Telca, Tekli, Tekla, Teccla], Theodora [Tedra, Teddie, Teddey, Teodory, Teodora], Teddi, Valentina [Tena, Teina, Teena], Christina [Teyna, Teena], Tina [Tena, Teina, Teena, Teenie], Tita [Teeta], Tehila [Tehilla], Aisha [Teisha], Eleri [Teleri], Thelma [Telma], Tamika [Temika, Temeequa], Temira [Temora]

Themis [Temis, Temiss], Temperance, Tempest [Tempestt, Tempeste, Tempesta], Tanaya [Tenaya], Tanisha [Tenicia, Teneesha], Theodosia [Teodosia], Theophania [Teofanie, Teophanie, Teophania], Theophila [Teofila, Teophila, Teophile], Theone [Teoni, Teone], Theresa [Tess, Tessy, Tessi, Tessa, Tessie, Tessey, ..], Terena [Teryl, Teryna, Teryll, Terrin, Terrina, Terrene, ..], Teresa [Tess, Tessy, Tessa, Tesia, Tessie, Teskia, ..], Erica [Terica], Erin [Terin], Terpsichore, Terra [Tera, Terah, Terrah], Terry [Teryn, Terri, Terryn, Terrye, Terrin, Terrie, ..], Tertia [Tersha, Tersia, Tercia], Teryl [Terryl, Terrill, Terrene, Terrena, Terrell, Terrall, ..], Taryn [Teryn]

Tesla [Tessla], Treasure [Tesora], Tessa [Teza, Tess, Tessy, Tessie, Tessia], Jessica [Tessica], Elizabeth [Tetty], Tatiana [Tetyana], Antonia [Teunisje], Texana [Texanna]

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