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V baby names and what they mean, with 98 results. The more fashionable birth names in this list are Valentina (#81), Veda (#900), Vienna (#865), Violet (#43) and Vivienne (#268), while Veal (TOP 3%) and Vaca (4%) are familiar V- surnames. Here is the list of V- names for boys.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of V- names: Val, Valarie, Valda, Valencia, Valentina


.. Also used as an independent name. Adoption of Val was widespread 7 decades ago. Unisex name.

Vala, var. Valla
Derivative of Old German language. "Singled out." Vela is a marginally favored girl's name.

Valda and variants

Valda, var. Velda, Vallda
From Old German. "Renowned ruler." Popular, and Valda, Vallda, Velda are comparable to common -lda last names Yalda (TOP 46%), Malda (97%).

Valencia and variants

Valencia1, var. Valentia1
Root fr. Latin word. "Strong, healthy." Rare, with usage of 0.007% for Valencia and Valentia as birth names in 2018, less than 0.008% the previous year.

Valentina and variants

Valentina, var. Velora, Valyn, Vally, Valli, Vallie1, Vallatina, Valja, Valida, Valina, Valera1, Valenzia, Valentijn, Valentine, Valentia2, Valenteena, Valencia2, Valenteen, Valene, Valena, Valeda1, Valen, Vale1, Val2
Root fr. Latin element. "Strong, healthy." Adoption of Valentina, Valenzia, etc. as children's names in 2018 was up 13.8% compared to a year ago.


Eamon de Valera was a famous .. Less common today. Valera was last listed in 1930-1939 in the Top 2000. See also Valeria.

Valerie and variants

Valerie, var. Valka1, Valry, Vallrie, Vallory, Valorie1, Vallorie, Vallorey, Vallery, Vallie2, Vallerie, Valleree, Valka2, Vallarie, Valerye, Valery, Valeria, Valeriana, Valeree, Vale2, Valaria, Valarie, Valarey, Valaree, Val3
Origin fr. Latin language. "Strong, healthy." Valery has surged in prominence as a children's name since 1880-1889.

Source fr. Slavic language. "Splendid leader." Outside Top 2000.

Valetta, var. Valletta, Valeta, Valeda2
.. main city on the Mediterranean island .. Compare surnames Valenta (TOP 10%), Valette (67%).

Valkyrie, var. Vallkyrie, Valkyrria, Valkyria
Derivative of Scandinavian word. Mythology .. Rare. Valkyrie, Vallkyrie, like Valorie, Vallarie, end with -rie.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of V- names: Valentine, Valera, Valeria, Valerie, Valery

Top 2000 baby names ranking of V- names: Valley, Valli, Vallie, Valorie, Van

Top 2000 baby names ranking of V- names: Vanda, Vanesa, Vanessa, Vania, Vanita

Top 2000 baby names ranking of V- names: Vannessa, Vannie, Velda, Velma, Venessa

Top 2000 baby names ranking of V- names: Vilma, Vonda

Valley and variants

Valley, var. Vallie3, Vallia, Vallee
Geography name .. Valley and forms grew in popularity in the 1880s.

Vallombrosa, var. Valombrosa
Derivative of Italian word. "Shady valley." Vallombrosa and Valombrosa were not Top birth names in 2018.

Wilma and variants

Vilma1, Velma1, Valma1
Var. of Wilma. Stems fr. Old German element. "Determined protector." Used somewhat frequently as girls' names, Velma, Valma, etc. are comparable to the familiar Telma.

Vilma2, Villhelmine, Villhelmina, Velma2, Vilhelmina, Valma2
Var. of Wilhelmina. Stems fr. Old German language. "Determined protector." Somewhat common as baby names, Vilma, Valma, etc. are similar to the conventional Hilma.

Valonia, var. Valonya, Vallonia
From Latin language. "Shallow valley." Valonia, Vallonia and Valonya are seldom found as female names.

Valora and variants

Valora, var. Valouria, Valoura, Valorya, Valorie2, Valory, Valoria, Vallora
Derived fr. Latin element. "Brave, courageous." Valorie has dwindled in favor as a baby name since 1950-1959.


Source fr. Danish word. "Of." Unisex name. Adoption of Van was well-received during 1880-1889.


Form of Wanda. Derivative of Slavic language. "The tribe of the Vandals." Vanda grew in popularity 78 years ago. See also Vana.

Vanda and variants

Vanda2, var. Vonda, Vohnda, Vannda, Vahnda
Derivative of Italian, Czechoslovakian words. Variant of Wanda (Slavic) the tribe .. Usage of Vahnda and forms was more pronounced in the 1960s, but now, Vonda has become less in vogue.

Vanessa and variants

Vanessa, var. Vonnessa, Vonesse, Vonessa, Vinessa, Vinisha, Vinesha, Vennisa, Vennesa, Vennessa, Venna, Venishia, Veniesa, Venisha, Venessea, Venetta, Venessa, Venesse, Venesha, Venesa, Vanya, Varnessa, Vannie, Vanneza, Vannessa, Vannetta, Vannesa, Vannaleigh, Vanita, Vanna, Vanissa, Vanisa, Vaniessa, Vanija, Vaniece, Vania, Vanetta, Vaneza, Vanessia, Vanesse, Vaneshia, Vanesia, Vanesha, Vanesa, Vanassa, Vaneeta, Van2
Origin fr. Greek word. "Butterfly." Vanessa is a Top 2000 baby name.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for V- names for girls.

1. Val - Vanessa
Val, Vala [Valla], Valda [Velda, Vallda], Valencia [Valentia], Valentina [Valyn, Velora, ..], Valera, Valerie [Valka, Valry, ..], Valeska, Valetta [Valeta, Valletta, ..], Valkyrie [Vallkyrie, Valkyrria, ..], Valley [Vallie, Vallia, ..], Vallombrosa [Valombrosa], Wilma [Vilma, Velma, ..], Wilhelmina [Vilma, Villhelmine, ..], Valonia [Valonya, Vallonia], Valora [Valoura, Valouria, ..], Van, Wanda [Vanda], Vanda [Vonda, Vohnda, ..], Vanessa [Vonesse, Vonnessa, ..]

Evangeline [Vangy, Vangie], Jane [Vanya, Vania], Vania [Vanya, Vanina], Vanita, Vanity [Vanitee], Vanna [Vana, Vanetta], Savannah [Vanna], Vanora [Vannora], Varda [Vardit, Vardith, ..], Varina [Verina], Barbara [Varina, Varvara], Varvara [Vava, Vavka, ..], Vashti [Vashtee], Vasilia [Vaseelia, Vazeeliya, ..], Veda [Vida, Veta, ..], Vedette [Vedetta], Vega [Vayga, Vaiga, ..], Velda [Vellda], Velika, Belinda [Velinda]

Velma [Vellma, Vehlma, ..], Velvet, Venerada, Venetia [Vonizia, Vonitia, ..], Venus [Venusita, Venusina, ..], Guinevere [Vera], Vera [Verushka, Veruschka, ..], Verbena [Verbyna, Verbina, ..], Verdad, Verde [Verda], Verena [Veryna, Veruschka, ..], Verity [Verita, Veritie, ..], Beverly [Verly, Verlye, ..], Verlene [Verlie, Verline], Verna [Virna, Vernita, ..], Laverne [Verne], Bernice [Veronike, Veronique, ..], Verona [Verone, Verowna, ..], Veronica [Vonnie, Veronqua, ..], Vespera [Vespers, Verperina]

Vesta [Vesteria], Elizabeth [Veta], Vevina, Vianna [Vina, Viona, ..], Wibeke [Vibeke], Vica, Vicenza [Vichenza, Vichensia, ..], Vicky [Viqul, Vikky, ..], Victoria [Vitoria, Vittoria, ..], Vida [Vita, Vitia, ..], Vidonia [Vidonya, Veedonia], Vienna [Vienne, Viennia], Vigdis [Vigdess], Vigilia, Vilhelmina [Vilhelmine, Villhelmina], Villette, Vilma, Alvina [Vinny, Vinnie, ..], Elvina [Vinny, Vinnie, ..], Vina [Vynette, Vynetta, ..]

Vincentia [Vinetta, Vincetta, ..], Vinia [Vinya, Venia, ..], Lavinia [Vinnie], Violante [Violant, Violanthe], Violet [Vyolette, Vyoletta, ..], Virginia [Virgy, Virginnia, ..], Viridiana [Viridis, Viridianne, ..], Virtue, Visitacion, Vita [Vitka, Vitella, ..], Viva [Vivva, Viveca, ..], Aviva [Viva], Viveca [Vivika, Vivica, ..], Viveka, Vivian [Vyvyana, Vyvyanne, ..], Vladislava [Valeska], Volusia, Vondra [Vonni, Vonnie]

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