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Va- baby names and what they mean, with 40 results. Va- names are used more often as feminine names. These girl names were at the height of their popularity in 2008 (USAGE OF 0.67%) and are almost as popular today (USAGE 0.53%, 21% LESS), but with names like Valarie going out of style. Valentina (#81) and Valery (#989) are two of the more contemporarily stylish birth names in this list, while Vallely (TOP 23%) and Varley (9%) are conventional Va- last names. Here is the list of Va- names for boys.

Va- names

Vaga - Van | Vanda - Vasilia

Vaga - Van

Vayga, Vaiga, Vaga
Forms of Vega. Root fr. Arabic element. "Falling vulture." Vara is a marginally prominent birth name.


.. Also used as an independent name. Gender-neutral name. Less common today. Val was last listed in 1960-1969 in the Top 2000.

Vala, var. Valla
Derived fr. Old German element. "Singled out." Vala (compare Zala, Vadala) is a popular -ala suffix last name.

Valda and variants

Valda, var. Vallda
Derivative of Old German language. "Renowned ruler." Vallda is unusual as a birth name among the variant forms of Valda.

Valencia and variants

Valencia1, var. Valentia1
From Latin element. "Strong, healthy." Adoption of Valencia and Valentia as girls' names in 2018 was 4% less than 2017.

Valentina and variants

Valentina, var. Valyn, Vally, Vallie1, Valli, Valja, Vallatina, Valina, Valida, Valera1, Valentine, Valenzia, Valentijn, Valentia2, Valenteena, Valencia2, Valenteen, Valene, Valena, Valen, Vale1, Valeda1, Val2
Root fr. Latin element. "Strong, healthy." Usage of Valentina and forms soared in 2018.


Eamon de Valera was a famous .. A slightly quaint baby name, Valera is found more often as a surname. See also Valry.

Valerie and variants

Valerie, var. Valka1, Valry, Vallrie, Valorie1, Vallorie, Vallory, Vallorey, Vallie2, Vallery, Valleree, Vallerie, Vallarie, Valka2, Valerye, Valeriana, Valery, Valeria, Valeree, Vale2, Valaria, Valarie, Valarey, Valaree, Val3
Derivative of Latin language. "Strong, healthy." Valery is a fashionable version.

Root fr. Slavic element. "Splendid leader." Valeska is not a Top 2000 name.

Var. of Vladislava. Root fr. Slavic. "Glorious rule." Rather uncommon as a baby name.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Va- names: Val, Valarie, Valda, Valencia, Valentina

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Va- names: Valentine, Valera, Valeria, Valerie, Valery

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Va- names: Valley, Valli, Vallie, Valorie, Van

Valetta, var. Valletta, Valeta, Valeda2
.. main city on the Mediterranean island .. Vanetta, Valette are common last names.

Valkyrie, var. Vallkyrie, Valkyrria, Valkyria
Origin fr. Scandinavian element. Mythology .. Not widespread. Valkyrie and variants are not listed in the US Demographics.

Valley and variants

Valley, var. Vallie3, Vallia, Vallee
Geography name .. Vallie has trended downward in favor as a girls' name since the 1880s.

Vallombrosa, var. Valombrosa
Based on Italian language. "Shady valley." Not in popularity charts.

Var. of Wilma. Derivative of Old German language. "Determined protector." Not that popular as a birth name. See also Valena.

Var. of Wilhelmina. Stems fr. Old German element. "Determined protector." Valma is intermittently used as a women's name. See also Valja.

Var. of Velma. Source fr. Old German language. "Determined protector." Valma is unusual as a children's name. See also Valla.

Valonia, var. Valonya, Vallonia
Origin fr. Latin language. "Shallow valley." Not in Top 2000.

Valora and variants

Valora, var. Valouria, Valoura, Valorya, Valory, Valoria, Valorie2, Vallora
Derived fr. Latin language. "Brave, courageous." Valorie is frequently occurring (UPPER 34%) as a female name.


From Danish element. "Of." Also a boys' name. Van was popular a century ago.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Va- names for girls.

1. Vaga - Van
Vega [Vaga, Vayga, Vaiga], Val, Vala [Valla], Valda [Vallda], Valencia [Valentia], Valentina [Valyn, Vally, Valli, Valja, Vallie, Valina, Valida, Vallatina, ..], Valera, Valerie [Valka, Valry, Vallie, Vallrie, Valorie, Vallory, Vallorie, Vallorey, ..], Valeska, Vladislava [Valeska], Valetta [Valeda, Valeta, Valletta], Valkyrie [Valkyria, Vallkyrie, Valkyrria], Valley [Vallie, Vallia, Vallee], Vallombrosa [Valombrosa], Wilma [Valma], Wilhelmina [Valma], Velma [Valma], Valonia [Valonya, Vallonia], Valora [Valory, Valoura, Valorya, Valorie, Valoria, Vallora, Valouria], Van

Wanda [Vanda], Vanda [Vannda, Vahnda], Venetia [Vanetia, Vanecia], Vanessa [Vanya, Vannie, Vanneza, Vannesa, Varnessa, Vannetta, Vannessa, Vannaleigh, ..], Evangeline [Vangy, Vangie], Vania [Vanya, Vanina], Jane [Vanya, Vania], Vanita, Vanity [Vanitee], Vanna [Vana, Vanetta], Savannah [Vanna], Vanora [Vannora], Varda [Vardit, Vardis, Vardia, Vardith, Vardina, Vardice], Verena [Varina, Varena], Varina, Verona [Varona], Varvara [Vava, Vavka, Varya, Varka, Varina, Varinka, Varenka], Barbara [Varina, Varvara], Vashti [Vashtee], Vasilia [Vaseelia, Vazeelia, Vasillia, Vasiliya, Vasilija, Vazeeliya, Vasilliya]

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