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Wil- baby names and what they mean, with 11 results. Wil- names are used more often as masculine names. Usage of these girl names was at its most widespread a century ago (USAGE OF 0.7%) and has become much reduced since (USAGE 0.3%, DOWN 61.7%), with names like Wilhelmina becoming less in vogue. Willa (#384) and Willow (#62) are two of the more trendy birth names in this compilation, while Willman (TOP 5%) and Willer (8%) are popular Wil- last names. Here is the list of Wil- names for boys.

Wil- names

Wilda - Wilona

Wilda and variants

Wilda, var. Willda
Derived fr. Old English, Old German languages. "Untamed; willow tree." Popular as last names, and Wilda (TOP 33%), Willda are comparable to common surnames Weida (TOP 27%), Wojda (48%), with the -da suffix.

Wilfreda, var. Wilfrieda, Wilfridda
Stems fr. Old English element. "Desiring peace." Rare. Wilfreda, Wilfridda and Wilfrieda are not listed in the US Census.


Form of Vilhelmina. Derivative of Old German language. "Determined protector." Wilhelmina was popular as a baby name in the 1880s and is now less popular, with Wilhelmina going out of style.

Wilhelmina and variants

Wilhelmina2, var. Wilna, Wilmina1, Wilmette1, Wilma1, Willybella, Willmine, Willy, Willmina, Wilmette2, Williebelle, Willie, Willette, Williamina, Willetta, Willemina, Willene1, Willeen, Willamina, Willamine, Willabelle, Willabella, Willa1, Wilhelmine, Wileen, Willene2
Source fr. Old German language. "Determined protector." Usage of Wilhelmina, Willie and Wilma as children's names has declined since 1880-1889.


Var. of Billie. Derivative of Old English element. Originally a nickname for William .. Willa is generally used as a children's name compared to other variations. See also Wilda.

From Old German language. "Determined protector." Willa has gained increasing favor with parents since the 1960s. See also Willie.


Origin fr. English element. .. TV reporter Willow Bay. Used widely as a baby name, Willow is similar to the familiar Willa. See also Willy.


Var. of Vilma. Derivative of Native American Indian, Old German elements. "Determined protector." Wilma is a recognizable (UPPER 5%) first name. See also Wilda.

Wilma and variants

Wilma3, var. Wilmina2, Willma
Origin fr. Old German language. "Determined protector." Wilmina is unconventional as a baby name among the variations of Wilma.

Wilmot, var. Wilmott, Wilmotina
Based on Old English word. Related to William and Wilhelmina. Wilmot, Wilmotina and Wilmott are unusual as children's names.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Wil- names: Wilda, Wilhelmina, Wilhelmine, Willa, Willene

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Wil- names: Willetta, Willette, Willie, Willma, Willow

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Wil- names: Wilma, Wilna

Wilona, var. Wilone
Based on Old English. "Longed-for." Unusual as children's names, but Wilona and Wilone are similar to the more familiar Wilma.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Wil- names for girls.

1. Wilda - Wilona
Wilda [Willda], Wilfreda [Wilfrieda, Wilfridda], Vilhelmina [Wilhelmina], Wilhelmina [Wilna, Wilma, Willy, Wilmina, Wilmette, Willmine, Willmina, Willybella, ..], Billie [Willa], Willa, Willow, Vilma [Wilma], Wilma [Willma, Wilmina], Wilmot [Wilmott, Wilmotina], Wilona [Wilone]

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