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Y baby names and what they mean, with 75 results. Yara (#672) is the most chic girl name among these, while Yafai (TOP 67%) and Yanda (25%) are conventional Y- last names. Here is the list of Y- names for boys.

Yacinta - Yekaterin | Yekaterina - Ymelda | Yna - Ysadora | Ysanne - Ywedelle

Yacinta - Yekaterin

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Y- names: Yara, Yasmeen, Yasmin, Yasmine, Yazmin

Yacintha, Yacinta
Var. of Giacinta. Origin fr. Italian, Greek languages. "Hyacinth." Unusual, but Yacinta is similar to common -ta last names Yata (TOP 85%), Yracheta (57%).

Yaffa, var. Yaffah
Source fr. Hebrew. "Lovely." Yaffa and Yaffah are rare as first names, and Yaffa occurs commonly (UPPER 93%) as a last name.

Root fr. Hebrew word. "Diamond." Rare. Yahaloma is not found in the US Census.

Yaira, var. Yeira
Based on Hebrew element. "To illuminate." Yanira is a moderately popular baby name.

Yakira, var. Yekara
Derivative of Hebrew language. "Costly, precious." Yakiva and Yekira are creative forms.

Yalena, var. Yelena
Derivative of Russian, Greek languages. "Sun ray." Rare, with the -na ending for Yalena, Yelena, like Yarona, Yasmeena.

Yaminah, var. Yemina, Yamina
Derived fr. Arabic. "Suitable, proper." Yaminah, Yamina and Yemina are not often adopted as baby names.

Yancey, var. Yancy, Yancie, Yancee
.. possibly a Native American word misheard .. Compare surnames Yance (TOP 37%), Yancer (51%).

Yannick, var. Yannic, Yann, Yanick
Root fr. French, Hebrew languages. "God is gracious." Not in Top 2000.


Source fr. Brazilian, Arabic. "Water lady; small butterfly." Yara has surged in prominence as a girls' name since 1880-1889. See also Zara.

Var. of Irene. Source fr. Greek element. "Peace." Uncommon, with the -ina ending for Yarina, like Yoslina, Yerina. See also Darina.

Yarina2, var. Yerina, Yaryna
Source fr. Russian, Greek elements. Variant of Irene. Unusual. Yarina, Yerina, like Yasmina, Yonina, use the -ina ending.

Stems fr. Slavic language. "Trader." Yarmilla is scantly used as a given name. See also Carmilla.

Root fr. Hebrew word. "She will rejoice." Unusual. Yarona (compare Yna) ends with the androgynous -na. See also Yaryna.

Jasmine and variants

Yasminia, Yasmine1, Yasmina1, Yasmeen1, Yasmin1
Var. of Jasmine. Derived fr. Old French, Persian. "Jasmine." Usage of Yasmine and variants was expansive in 2002 and is now less, with Yasmine becoming less fashionable.

Yasmin and variants

Yasmin2, var. Yazmin, Yasmine2, Yasminda, Yasmene, Yasmina2, Yasmena, Yasmeena, Yasiman, Yasmeen2, Yasamin
Origin fr. Arabic, Persian. "Jasmine flower." Yasamin, Yasiman, Yasmeena, Yasmena and Yasmene are more unique as birth names among the versions of Yasmin.

Form of Ieesha. From Arabic. "Alive and well." Unusual as a baby name, but Yeesha is similar to the more conventional Keesha. See also Yiesha.

Var. of Euphemia. Origin fr. Greek. "Good to speak." Not Top 2000 name.

Yekaterina1, Yekaterin1
Var. of Katherine. Source fr. Greek word. "Pure." Yekaterin and Yekaterina were not among 2018's Top names.

Yekaterina2, Yekaterin2
Forms of Catherine. Stems fr. Greek word. "Pure." Not in Top 2000.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Y- names for girls.

1. Yacinta - Yekaterin
Giacinta [Yacinta, Yacintha], Yaffa [Yaffah], Yahaloma, Yaira [Yeira], Yakira [Yekara], Yalena [Yelena], Yaminah [Yemina, Yamina], Yancey [Yancy, Yancie, Yancee], Yannick [Yann, Yannic, Yanick], Yara, Irene [Yarina], Yarina [Yerina, Yaryna], Yarmilla, Yarona, Jasmine [Yasmin, Yasmina, Yasmine, Yasminia, ..], Yasmin [Yazmin, Yasmine, Yasmina, Yasminda, ..], Ieesha [Yeesha], Euphemia [Yefim], Katherine [Yekaterin, Yekaterina], Catherine [Yekaterin, Yekaterina]

Yekaterina, Ekaterina [Yekaterina], Jelena [Yelena], Helen [Yelena], Yelisabeta [Yelizabet, Yelizavetha, Yelisabetta], Elizabeth [Ysabel, Yzabelle, Ysabella, Ylisabette, ..], Yerusha [Yeruscha], Yesenia [Yesemia, Yazenia, Yessenya, Yessenia, ..], Jessenia [Yesenia, Yessenya, Yessenia], Esther [Yesfir], Yessica [Yessika, Yesseca], Jessica [Yessica], Henrietta [Yetta, Yettie], Yetta [Yette], Jetta [Yette], Yeva [Yevka], Igraine [Ygraine], Aisha [Yiesha, Yieshah], Ilona [Yionna, Yllona], Imelda [Ymelda]

Ina [Yna], Agnes [Ynez, Ynes], Inez [Ynez, Ynes, Ynesita], Ynez [Ynes, Ynesita], Inocencia [Ynocencia], Yoana [Yanna, Yoanah, Yoanna, Yoannah, ..], Yoconda, Ioanna [Yohanna], Yoko, Yolanda [Yolie, Yulanda, Yolonda, Yolette, ..], Violet [Yolane, Yolande, Yolanthe, Yolantha, ..], Jolan [Yolanne], Iolanthe [Yollie, Yolley, Yolanthe, Yolantha], Yonina [Yonit, Yonita, Yonina, Yoninah, ..], Yordan [Yordana, Yordanna], Yosepha [Yosefa, Yuseffa], Yoslene [Yosline, Yoslina, Yosleen], Isabel [Yzobel, Ysobel, Yzobelle, Yzabelle, ..], Ysabel [Ysbel, Ysobel, Ysbella, Ysabelle, ..], Isadora [Ysadora]

Ysanne [Ysanna, Ysande], Isolde [Ysotte, Ysotta, Ysolde, Ysolda, ..], Uberta [Yuberta], Yudit [Yuta, Yudif, Yudita, Yudelka, ..], Julia [Yulia, Yuliya], Yuliya [Yula, Yulka, Yulinka, Yulenka, ..], Ula [Yulla], Yuma, Yumiko, Yuridiana, Yuriko, Uta [Yuta], Yvette [Yvedt, Yvetta, Yevette], Yvonne [Yvett, Yvonna, Yvette, Yvetta, ..], Udele [Yudelle, Yudella, Ywedelle]

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