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Zo- baby names and what they mean, with 15 results. Zo- names are used more often as feminine names. Usage of these girl names was at its highest in 2012 (USAGE OF 0.9%) and is almost as conventional today (USAGE 0.7%, 16% LESS), but with names like Zona becoming somewhat outmoded. Zola (#956), Zoya (#1116), Zoe (#40) and Zoey (#29) are four of the more chic birth names among these, while Zonca (TOP 47%) and Zoch (17%) are conventional Zo- last names.

Zo- names

Zoanne - Zoya

Zoanne, var. Zoanna
Origin fr. Greek. "Life." Zianne is a marginally prominent baby name.

Zoe and variants

Zoe, var. Zoya1, Zowie, Zooey, Zoie, Zoey, Zoi, Zoelle, Zoeline, Zoelie, Zoee
Source fr. Greek word. "Life." Zoe and variants became more trendy in 2018, gaining on average +8 rankings as girls' names with Zoya gaining the most.

Sophia and variants

Zosia, Zofya, Zofi, Zofia
Var. of Sophia. Source fr. Greek element. "Wisdom." Popular. Compare Zofia, Zosia with common last names Zaia (UPPER 39%), Zappia (15%), which also end with -ia.

Stems fr. Hebrew language. "Light, splendor." Zohara is unusual as a children's name. See also Zahira.

Zondra1, Zohndra1
Var. of Alexandra. Derivative of Greek. "Man's defender." Zohndra and Zondra are uncommon as birth names.

Zondra2, Zohndra2
Var. of Sondra. Variant of Sandra, from Alexandra (Greek) .. Not Top 2000 names.

Zondra3, Zohndra3
Forms of Zandra. Derivative of Spanish language. .. variant of Sandra. Zohndra and Zondra are rarely adopted as birth names.

Origin fr. Arabic word. "Blossom." Zohda and Zohna are creative variations. See also Zorya.

Zola and variants

Zola, var. Zolia, Zoela
Root fr. Italian word. "Lump of earth." Somewhat common as girls' names, Zolia, Zola, etc. are similar to the popular Zofia.

Derived fr. Greek element. "Life." Zolynn is rare as a birth name. See also Jolynn.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Zo- names: Zoe, Zoee, Zoey, Zofia, Zoie

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Zo- names: Zola, Zona, Zooey, Zora, Zoraida, Zoya

Zona and variants

Zona, var. Zonia
Root fr. Latin language. "Girdle." Zona (TOP 40%) and Zonia (93%) are recognizable as feminine names, and Zona exists regularly (TOP 13%) as a surname.

Aurora and variants

Zorica, Zora1
Forms of Aurora. From Latin word. "Dawn." Zora and variants were popular as birth names 138 years ago and are less popular today.

Zora2, var. Zorya, Zorrah, Zorine, Zorina, Zoraya, Zoreen, Zorana, Zorah
Origin fr. Slavic language. "Dawn." Used widely as birth names, Zoreen, Zora, etc. are similar to the common Loreen.


Var. of Zureidy. Stems fr. Spanish, Arabic. "Well-spoken, articulate." A moderately uncommon baby name nowadays, though Zoraida still occurs often as a first name for women.

Zoya and variants

Zoya2, var. Zoyya, Zoyenka, Zoia
Source fr. Russian element. Variant of Zoe. Usage of Zoya, Zoia, etc. as girls' names in 2018 was 10.2% more than the year before.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Zo- names for girls.

1. Zoanne - Zoya
Zoanne [Zoanna], Zoe [Zoi, Zoya, Zoie, Zoey, Zowie, Zooey, Zoelle, Zoeline, ..], Sophia [Zofi, Zosia, Zofya, Zofia], Zohara, Alexandra [Zondra, Zohndra], Sondra [Zondra, Zohndra], Zandra [Zondra, Zohndra], Zohra, Zola [Zolia, Zoela], Zolynn, Zona [Zonia], Aurora [Zora, Zorica], Zora [Zorya, Zorah, Zorrah, Zorine, Zorina, Zoreen, Zoraya, Zorana], Zureidy [Zoraida], Zoya [Zoia, Zoyya, Zoyenka]

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