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An- baby names and what they mean, with 46 results. An- names are used more often as feminine names. These boy names reached the apex of their popularity in 1990 (USAGE OF 3.6%) and are now much less common (USAGE 1.7%, 53% LESS), with names such as Anfernee going out of style. The trendier boy names among these are Anakin (#828), Anders (#785), Anderson (#297), Anson (#885) and Andres (#215), while Anzures (TOP 16%) and Andry (15%) are popular An- surnames. Here is the list of An- names for girls.

An- names

Anacletus - Angel | Angus - Anthony | Antioco - Anwell

Anacletus - Angel

Anacletus, var. Anacleto
Root fr. Greek element. "Invoked." Unconventional, but Anacletus is comparable to popular last names Antus (TOP 63%), Angelus (56%), with the -us suffix.

.. the name of an archangel. Scarce as a boys' name, but Anael is similar to the more conventional Ansel. See also Anwell.

Anakin and variants

Anakin, var. Ani
Source fr. American. "Tall, giant." Anakin and Ani are uncommonly used as men's names, and Ani occurs often (TOP 49%) as a surname.

Source fr. Hawaiian element. Variant of Andrew. Analu is atypical as a first name. See also Amali.

Anastasios, var. Anstice, Anstasius, Anstasios, Anstas, Anastos, Anestis, Anasto, Anastius, Anastice, Anastasius, Anastatius, Anastasio, Anastagio, Anastase, Anastas
Derived fr. Greek element. "Resurrection." Not in Top 2000.

Anatole and variants

Anatole, var. Antoly, Antolle, Antole, Antol, Anatoly, Antal, Anatolio, Anatol
From Greek word. "Break of day." Anatol, Anatolio, Anatoly, Antal and Antol are more unusual as birth names among the versions of Anatole.

Anchor, var. Anker, Ancher
Derivative of English. "Stability." Anchor, Ancher and Anker are seldom adopted as birth names.


Form of Leander. Stems fr. Greek element. "Lion man." Ander is scarce as a masculine name, appearing often (TOP 32%) as a surname. See also Andre.

Anders and variants

Anders1, var. Andersson, Anderson, Ander2
Derivative of Scandinavian, Greek. "Man, warrior." Anders and Anderson have surged in prominence as boys' names since 1880-1889.

Origin fr. Latin, Greek elements. "Man, warrior." Rather unusual as a boys' name, Andino is found more often as a last name. See also Andon.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of An- names: Anakin, Anatole, Ander, Anders, Anderson

Top 2000 baby names ranking of An- names: Andrae, Andre, Andrea, Andreas, Andrei

Top 2000 baby names ranking of An- names: Andres, Andrew, Andrey, Andrik, Andru

Top 2000 baby names ranking of An- names: Andy, Anfernee, Angel, Angelo, Anjel

Andre and variants

Andre1, var. Andrius1, Andris, Andrey1, Andreus, Andrej1, Andres1, Andrei1, Andreas1, Andras1, Andrae
Derived fr. French, Greek languages. "Man, warrior." Common, with usage of 0.175% for Andre, Andrius, etc. as baby names in 2018, but lower than 0.186% in 2017.


Root fr. Greek element. "Man, warrior." Also used for girls. Andreas rose in popularity in 2006 and is less popular today.

Andrew and variants

Andrew, var. Antero, Andy, Andrzej, Andruw, Andros, Andru, Andro, Andrius2, Andrija, Andries, Andrij, Andriel, Andrian1, Andrezj, Andrews, Andrey2, Andrewes, Andresj, Andres2, Andrei2, Andrej2, Andreas3, Andrea, Andres3, Andras2, Andre2, Andor, Andonia, Andie, Analu2, Anders2
Root fr. Greek language. "Man, warrior." Usage of Andrew, Andreas, etc. as baby names in 2018 was 8% less than the previous year.

Based on Russian, Greek. "Man, warrior." Uncommon as a boys' name, but Andrian is comparable to the more common Andreas. See also Andrae.

Andrik and variants

Andrik, var. Andrick, Andric
Derivative of Slavic, Greek languages. "Man, warrior." Andrik is prevalent as a baby name among these variant forms.

Androcles, var. Androclus
Derived fr. Greek language. "Glorious man." Not in popularity charts.

Aneirin, var. Aneurin
Derivative of Welsh language. Aleirin and Anaron are creative forms.

From Irish, Gaelic element. "Careful, thoughtful." Aneislis was not a Top birth name in 2018.

Anfernee and variants

Anfernee, var. Anferney
Modern name, made famous by basketball .. Usage of Anfernee as a baby name has declined circa 1996.

Angel and variants

Angel, var. Anyoli, Anjelo, Anjel, Aniol, Angie, Angy, Angelo, Angelmo, Angell, Ange, Angelino, Andjelko
Stems fr. Greek word. "Messenger; messenger of God." Angy and variants were favored as baby names in 2006 and are less common today.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for An- names for boys.

1. Anacletus - Angel
Anacletus [Anacleto], Anael, Anakin [Ani], Analu, Anastasios [Anstas, Anstice, Anestis, Anastos, Anstasius, Anstasios, ..], Anatole [Antol, Antal, Antoly, Antole, Antolle, Anatoly, ..], Anchor [Anker, Ancher], Leander [Ander], Anders [Ander, Anderson, Andersson], Andino, Andre [Andris, Andrey, Andres, Andrej, Andrius, Andreus, ..], Andreas, Andrew [Andy, Andru, Antero, Andruw, Andros, Andrzej, ..], Andrian, Andrik [Andric, Andrick], Androcles [Androclus], Aneirin [Aneurin], Aneislis, Anfernee [Anferney], Angel [Angy, Anjel, Aniol, Angie, Anyoli, Anjelo, ..]

Angus [Angie, Anngus], Hannibal [Anibal, Anibale], Anicho, Aniketos [Anisio, Aniceto, Anicetus], Ankur, Annan, John [Anno], Henry [Anrai], Anscom [Anscomb, Anscombe, Anscoombe], Ansel [Ansell, Ancell], Anselm [Anso, Anse, Ansel, Anselmo, Anselmi, Anselme], Ainsley [Ansley], Ansley [Ansly, Anslie, Anslea, Annsley, Ansleigh, Annsleigh, ..], Anson [Ansson, Annson], Anstice [Anstiss], Ainsworth [Answorth], Antaeus [Anteo, Anteus, Antaios], Antares, Antenor, Anthony [Antun, Antwon, Antwuan, Antwohn, Antwahn, Antuwan, ..]

Antioco [Antioch, Antiochus, Antiochos], Antoine [Antwon, Antwone, Antwoin, Antwohn, Antwaun, Antwoine, ..], Anton [Andon], Antonio [Anton, Antolin, Antonius, Antonino, Antonito, Antonello, ..], Anwar, Anwell [Anwyl, Anwil, Anwel, Anwyll, Anwill]

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