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Be- baby names and what they mean, with 97 results. Adoption of these boy names reached its apex 1 year ago (ADOPTION OF 1.6%) and has remained as conventional to this day (ADOPTION 1.6%), but with names such as Benjaman becoming somewhat outmoded. The more fashionable boy names in this compilation are Beau (#151), Bennett (#120), Beckham (#295), Beckett (#227) and Benson (#465), while Belt (TOP 3%) and Beane (4%) are common Be- surnames. Here is the list of Be- names for girls.

Be- names

Beacher - Bedell | Bedford - Benedict | Benigno - Berkeley | Berlin - Bert | Bert - Beyren

Beacher - Bedell

Beacher and variants

Beacher, var. Beechy, Beecher, Beech, Beachy, Beach
From Old English language. "Near the beech trees." Common as surnames. Compare Beacher (TOP 41%), Beecher (4%) with common last names Bacher (TOP 9%), Batcher (34%), which also end with -her.

Derived fr. Old English word. "Signal light." Beacom, Beason are common surnames. See also Beagan.

Beagan, var. Beegin, Beegan, Beagin, Beagen
From Irish, Gaelic. "Small one." Beagan, Beegan, etc. were not Top birth names in 2018.

Beal1, var. Beals1, Bealle, Beall, Beale1
Origin fr. Old French word. "Handsome." Belal is a marginally favored birth name.

Beaman, var. Beemon, Beamon, Beeman, Beamen, Beamann
Source fr. Old English language. "Beekeeper." Not Top 2000 names.

Beamer, var. Beemer
Based on Old English language. "Trumpet player." Beaer and Beamber are creative forms.

Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Spear." Bearach is seldom used as a baby name. See also Baruch.

Beasley, var. Beasly, Beaslie, Beals2
Derived fr. Old English language. "Meadow of peas." Beasley, Beasly, etc. are unique as children's names.

Beattie, var. Beaty, Beatty, Beatie
Based on Irish, Gaelic, Latin. "Voyager (through life); blessed." Unusual. Beattie, Beatie (cf. Braydie, Braidie) use the -ie suffix.

Beau and variants

Beau1, var. Beaudine, Beaudan, Beale2, Beal2
Source fr. French language. "Handsome; admirer; sweetheart." Beau, Beaudan, etc. became more trendy in 2018, rising +6 rankings as children's names with Beau gaining the most.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Be- names: Beau, Beauregard, Beck, Beckett, Beckham, Beecher

Beauchamp, var. Beecham
Based on Old French element. "The beautiful field." Outside Top 2000.

From Old French element. "The beautiful fort." Scarcely used as a boys' name, Beaufort exists more frequently as a last name.

Derived fr. Old French element. "The beautiful mountain." Beaumont is a rarely used masculine name, registering often (UPPER 4%) as a surname.

Beauregard and variants

Beauregard, var. Beau2
Root fr. French language. "Beautiful gaze." Beau has generally been popular among parents.

Origin fr. Hebrew. "Young man, first born." Becher is scarcely used as a male name, registering commonly (TOP 8%) as a last name. See also Beecher.

Beck and variants

Beck, var. Becker
From Old Norse word. "Stream." Beck is common as a birth name among these versions.


From Old English. "Beehive or bee cottage." Also used for girls. Beckett became less popular in 2018, falling -1 ranking as a boys' name to reach #227.


Stems fr. Old English element. "Homestead by the stream; Becca's homestead." Beckham became less trendy in 2018, falling -11 rankings as a baby name to reach #295.

Bede, var. Beda
Origin fr. Old English word. "Prayer bead." Uncommon, with the -de suffix for Bede, like Barde, Blade.

Bedell, var. Bedall
Root fr. Old French language. "Messenger." Unusual, with the favored androgynous -ell ending for Bedell, like Brandell.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Be- names for boys.

1. Beacher - Bedell
Beacher [Beechy, Beecher, ..], Beacon, Beagan [Beegin, Beegan, ..], Beal [Beals, Bealle, ..], Beaman [Beemon, Beamon, ..], Beamer [Beemer], Bearach, Beasley [Beasly, Beaslie, ..], Beattie [Beaty, Beatty, ..], Beau [Beaudan, Beaudine, ..], Beauchamp [Beecham], Beaufort, Beaumont, Beauregard [Beau], Becher, Beck [Becker], Beckett, Beckham, Bede [Beda], Bedell [Bedall]

Bedford, Beebe, Baylor [Beiler], Beirne, Burns [Beirne], Burney [Beirnie, Beirney], Belden [Belldon, Belldene, ..], Belindo [Bellindo], Belisario [Belisarius, Belisarios], Bell, Bellamy [Bellemy, Bellamie, ..], Bellarmine [Bellarmino], Belmont [Bellmont], Balthasar [Belshazzar], Belton [Bellton], Beltran [Bertran, Beltrano], Belvedere [Belvider, Belvidere, ..], Bemus [Bemis, Beamus], Ben [Benny, Bennie, ..], Benedict [Bent, Benoit, ..]

Benigno, Benjamin [Benyamin, Benyamino, ..], Benjiro, Bennett [Benoit, Bennet, ..], Benoni, Benson [Bensson, Benssen, ..], Bentley [Bently, Bentlie, ..], Benton, Bienvenido [Benvenuto], Benvenuto, Benzion, Beresford, Berg [Bergh, Berger], Bergen [Bergin], Berger [Bergeron], Barric [Beric], Berilo [Berillo], Burke [Berk, Berke], Barclay [Berky, Berklie, ..], Berkeley [Berky, Berkley, ..]

Berlin [Berlyn], Berlyn [Berl, Berle], Bern [Berny, Bernie, ..], Barnabas [Bernabe], Bernal [Bernold, Bernhold, ..], Bernard [Bernt, Bernis, ..], Burnell [Bernelle], Burnet [Bernet, Bernett], Berry, Barry [Berry], Delbert [Bert, Bertie], Burton [Bert], Gilbert [Bert, Bertie], Engelbert [Bert, Berty], Ethelbert [Bert, Bertie], Filbert [Bert], Herbert [Bert, Bertie], Hubert [Bert, Bertie], Hulbert [Bert], Lambert [Bert]

Norbert [Berty, Bertie, ..], Albert [Berty, Bertie, ..], Robert [Bert, Bertie], Bert [Berty, Berto, ..], Bartholomew [Bertel], Berthold [Berton, Bertolt, ..], Birtle [Bertle], Berton [Bert, Bertie], Bertram [Bertrum, Bertrem, ..], Bertrand [Bertrando], Berwyn [Berwynn, Berwynne, ..], Bethel [Betuel], Buford [Beuford], Bevan [Bevvon, Bevvin, ..], Beverly [Beverlie, Beverley, ..], Bevis [Beviss, Beavis, ..], Byron [Beyron, Beyren]

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