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Bo- baby names and what they mean, with 43 results. Bo- names are used more often as masculine names. Adoption of these boy names reached its apex in the 1930s (USAGE OF 1%) and has become significantly lower since (USAGE 0.24%, 76%), with names like Bobby becoming somewhat outmoded. The most trendy boy names here are Bodhi (#314), Bowen (#431), Boone (#669), Bowie (#982) and Bo (#575), while Boehm (TOP 2%) and Bock (2%) are common Bo- surnames. Here is the list of Bo- names for girls.

Bo- names

Bo - Booth | Borak - Boyce | Boyd - Boynton

Bo - Booth

Beau and variants

Boe1, Bo1
Forms of Beau. Derivative of French element. "Handsome; admirer; sweetheart." Boy is also a slightly prominent baby name.

Bo2, var. Boe2
Root fr. Scandinavian. .. nickname of William. Bo is a frequently occurring (TOP 85%) male name, whereas Boe is unconventional.

Boaz and variants

Boaz, var. Boase, Boas
From Hebrew word. .. Biblical. Boaz (cf. Beaz, Braz) is a popular -az suffix last name.

Robert and variants

Bobby1, Bobbie1, Bob1
Var. of Robert. From Old German. "Bright fame." Bob, Bobbie, etc. became less popular last year, falling -37 rankings as children's names with Bobby leading the decline.

Bob2, var. Bobby2, Bobbie2, Bobbey, Bobbee
Derived fr. Old English. Short form of Robert, of later .. Adoption of Bob, Bobbey, etc. as baby names in 2018 was down 7.5% compared to the previous year.

Boden and variants

Boden, var. Bowdoin, Bowden, Bodine, Bodin, Bodey, Bodie
Derivative of Scandinavian, Old French. "Shelter; one who brings news." Used frequently as boys' names, Boden, Bodine, etc. are similar to the conventional Bowen.


Name of the tree under which .. Adoption of Bodhi as a birth name in 2018 was down 5.9% compared to the previous year. See also Bodie.

Bogart, var. Bogy, Bogie, Bogey, Bogaerd, Bogaard, Bogaart
Source fr. Old French, Old German words. "Bow strength; orchard." Bogard (TOP 5%), Bogar (14%) are popular surnames.

Bogdan and variants

Bogdan, var. Bohdan, Boban
Derivative of Slavic language. "God's gift." Boban (TOP 55%), Bogdan (7%) and Bohdan (77%) occur often as surnames.

Bohemond, var. Bohemund, Boamund
Derived fr. Italian language. Bohemond, Prince of Antioch (11th century) .. Not in Top 2000.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Bo- names: Bo, Boaz, Bob, Bobbie, Bobby

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Bo- names: Boden, Bodhi, Bodie, Bohdan, Bonifacio

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Bo- names: Booker, Boone

Bolivar, var. Bollivar, Bolevar
Derivative of Spanish, Polish elements. "Mighty, warlike." Belvar and Blivar are creative forms.

Bolton, var. Boltin, Bolten, Bollton
.. Singer Michael Bolton. Unique. Bolton, Bollton (compare Brenton, Bretton) have the common -ton suffix.

Bonamy, var. Bonami
Stems fr. French. "Good friend." Bonamy and Bonami are not in the Top 2000.

Bonar, var. Bonner, Bonnar
Derived fr. Old French. "Gentle, mannerly." Not in popularity charts.

Bonaventure, var. Bonaventura
From Latin word. "Good fortune." Not in Top 2000.

Origin fr. Middle English, Old English. "Peasant farmer." Bond is not in the Top 2000.

Boniface and variants

Boniface, var. Bonifacy, Bonifacius, Bonifacio, Boni, Bonfecio
Derivative of Latin language. "Fortunate, auspicious." Bonifacio is prevalent as a boys' name among the variant forms of Boniface.


Stems fr. Old English. Transferred use of the surname, in .. Usage of Booker as a birth name in 2018 was 2.2% more than the previous year. See also Hooker.


Stems fr. Old French, Latin languages. "Good." Prominent, with usage of 0.021% for Boone as a baby name in 2018, higher than 0.018% the year before. See also Bayne.

Booth, var. Both, Boothe, Boote, Boot
Based on Middle English, Scandinavian words. "Dwelling place." Unusual as baby names, but Booth, Boote, etc. sound like the more popular Bodie.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Bo- names for boys.

1. Bo - Booth
Beau [Bo, Boe], Bo [Boe], Boaz [Boas, Boase], Robert [Bob, Bobby, Bobbie], Bob [Bobby, Bobbie, Bobbey, Bobbee], Boden [Bodin, Bodie, Bodey, Bowden, Bodine, Bowdoin], Bodhi, Bogart [Bogy, Bogie, Bogey, Bogaerd, Bogaart, Bogaard], Bogdan [Boban, Bohdan], Bohemond [Boamund, Bohemund], Bolivar [Bolevar, Bollivar], Bolton [Boltin, Bolten, Bollton], Bonamy [Bonami], Bonar [Bonner, Bonnar], Bonaventure [Bonaventura], Bond, Boniface [Boni, Bonifacy, Bonfecio, Bonifacio, Bonifacius], Booker, Boone, Booth [Both, Boot, Boote, Boothe]

Borak, Barden [Bordon, Borden], Borden [Bordin], Borg, Boris [Borys, Borja, Borris, Boriss], Baruch [Boruch], Bosley [Bosly, Boslee, Boslea, Bosleigh], Boston, Boswell, Bosworth, Botolf [Botulf, Botulph, Botolph, Botolff], Bourbon [Borbon], Burke [Bourke], Burns [Bourn, Bourne], Bourne [Born, Bourn, Borne], Peter [Boutros], Bouvier, Bowen [Bowin, Bowie], Bowie [Bow, Bowen], Boyce

Boyd [Boid], Boyne [Boyn, Boyde, Boine], Boynton

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