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D- Names for Boys

D baby names and what they mean, with 278 results. The most fashionable names for newborns here are Dawson (#194), Dax (#453), Daxton (#296), Declan (#101) and Duke (#531), while Damico (TOP 2%) and Dent (2%) are popular D- last names. Here is the list of D- names for girls.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of D- names: Dabney, Dade, Dagan, Dagoberto, Dajon

Da- and variants

Da-, var. Dawayne, Davon, Davaughn, Dashonn, Davar, Dashawn, Dashaun, Dasean, Dashae, Daquan, Damonte, Damone, Damont, Damarko, Damario, Damar, Damarco, Dajuan, Dajon1, D'Angelo, Dajohn, D'Andre, D'Amico, D'Amante
Source fr. American. Combination of the Da prefix with .. D'Amante, D'Amico, D'Andre, D'Angelo and Da- are more uncommon as birth names.

Dabney and variants

Dabney, var. Dabny, Dabnie, Dabnee
From Old French element. "From Aubigny." Dabney (UPPER 3%), like Diviney (UPPER 29%), Duhaney (39%), is a popular -ney suffix last name.

Dace1, var. Dacio, Dacian1, Dacey1
Based on French element. "Of the nobility." Dace, Dacian, etc. are uncommon as baby names.

Dacey2, var. Daicy, Daicey, Dacy, Dacian2, Dacius, Dace2
From Irish, Gaelic, Latin elements. "From the south; from Dacia." Uncommon as children's names, but Daicy, Dacey, etc. are comparable to the more popular Dick.

May possibly be a variant of .. Dack is a rare men's name, registering regularly (TOP 21%) as a surname. See also Zack.

Dadrian and variants

Dadrian, var. Dade
Root fr. American. A contemporary rhyming variant on Adrian. Less popular today. Dade was the variant last appearing (2002) in the Top 2000.

Daedalus, var. Dedalus, Daldalos
Derivative of Greek element. "Craftsman." Not Top 2000 names.

Dag, var. Dagny, Daggett, Dagget, Daeg
Derivative of Scandinavian language. "Daylight." Dag, Daeg, etc. are not often adopted as baby names.

Dagan and variants

Dagan, var. Dagon1
Derivative of Hebrew element. "Grain, the earth." Dagan (TOP 31%) and Dagon (51%) appear frequently as last names.

Dagobert and variants

Dagobert, var. Dagoberto, Dagbert
From Old German word. "Bright day, shining day." Dagoberto is common as a children's name among the forms of Dagobert.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of D- names: Dajuan, Dakoda, Dakota, Dakotah, Damario

Top 2000 baby names ranking of D- names: Damone, Damonte, Daquan, Dasean, Dashaun

Top 2000 baby names ranking of D- names: Dashawn, Davaughn, Davon, Dawayne, Dekota

Top 2000 baby names ranking of D- names: Del, Delbert

Stems fr. Aramaic word. Biblical name .. Dayon is a marginally prominent kid's name. See also Dajohn.

Origin fr. Old English language. "Shining forest." Dalwood and Darwood are creative forms.

Dahy, var. Dahey
From Irish, Gaelic language. "Quick-footed." Dahm, Dahn are familiar surnames.

Source fr. Japanese, Welsh. "Large; to shine." Also used for girls. Dai is infrequently used as a men's name, appearing regularly (UPPER 7%) as a surname.

Dailey, var. Daily, Daly, Daley
Based on Irish, Gaelic word. "Assembly." Outside Top 2000.

Dainard, var. Daynard, Dainhard, Dainehard, Daneard, Daneardt, Danehardt, Danehard
From Old English element. "Bold Dane." Uncommon, with the unusual -ard ending for Dainard, Daneard, etc., like Durward, Dard.

From Hindi element. "Power, strength." Not that popular as a children's name.


Blend of David with John. Slightly atypical as a birth name. See also Dejohn.

Dakota and variants

Dakota, var. Dekowta, Dekohta, Dekota, Dakotah, Dakoeta, Dakodah, Dakoda, Daccota
From Native American Indian element. "Friend, ally." Dakota and Dakotah have trended downward in popularity as birth names circa 1994.

Dalbert and variants

Dalbert, var. Delbert, Del
Root fr. Old English. "Bright-shining one." Less used today. Delbert was the form last found (1995) in the Top 2000.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for D- names for boys.

1. Da- - Dalbert
Da- [Dawayne, ..], Dabney [Dabny, ..], Dace [Dacio, ..], Dacey [Daicy, ..], Dack, Dadrian [Dade], Daedalus [Dedalus, ..], Dag [Dagny, ..], Dagan [Dagon], Dagobert [Dagoberto, ..], Dagon, Dagwood, Dahy [Dahey], Dai, Dailey [Daily, ..], Dainard [Daynard, ..], Daivat, Dajon, Dakota [Dekowta, ..], Dalbert [Delbert, ..]

Albert [Delbert, ..], Dale [Dayle, ..], Dallan [Dalon, ..], Dallas [Delles, ..], Dallin [Dallon, ..], Dalton [Daulton, ..], Daly [Dawley, ..], Dalziel, Damario [Demario, ..], Damaskenos [Damaskinos, ..], Damek [Damicke, ..], Damian [Demyan, ..], Damon [Daymon, ..], Dan [Dann], Dana [Danie, ..], Danar, Andrew [Drugi, ..], Dane [Dayner, ..], Daniel [Deiniol, ..], Danno

Dante [Donte, ..], Danton [D'anton], Danube [Donau], Daphnis, Daquan [Dekwohnne, ..], Dar, Darby [Derby, ..], Darcel [D'Arcy, ..], Darcy [Darsy, ..], Dardanos [Dardanus, ..], Darence [Derrance, ..], Dargan [Deegan, ..], Darian [Darrion, ..], Darin [Derrin, ..], Dario, Darion [Darrion, ..], Darius [Derry, ..], Darko, Darnell [Darnel, ..], Darnley

Darold [Derrold, ..], Darrah [Darragh, ..], Darrel [Deryll, ..], Darren [Derron, ..], Darrick [Derek, ..], Darrien [Darryen, ..], Darroch [Derek, ..], Darrow [Darro], Darryl [Derryl, ..], Darshan, Dart, Dartagnan, Darton, Darvell, Darvin [Dervin], Darwin [Derwynn, ..], Dathan, Davenport, Davian [Davyon, ..], David [Davyn, ..]

Davion [Daveon], Davis [Dayton, ..], Davon [Davyn, ..], Davyn [Davin], Dawson [Dawes, ..], Dax [Daxton, ..], Day [Daye], Dayanand, Daylon [Deylin, ..], Daymond [Daimond], Dayton [Dayten, ..], De- [Dewitt, ..], Deacon [Diakonos, ..], Dean [Dino, ..], Andre [Dre, ..], Deandre [Diondray, ..], Deangelo [Diangelo, ..], Dearborn [Deerborn, ..], Debonair [Debonnaire, ..], Decatur

Deccan, Decimus [Decio], Declan, Dedrick [Dietrich, ..], Dee, Deems, Deepak [Dipak], Deforest [Defforest], Deion [Deon], Dejuan [Dewonn, ..], Dekel, Deker [Dekker, ..], Del, Abdul [Del], Delaney [Delany, ..], Delano, Delbert [Dilbert, ..], Delius [Delos, ..], Odell [Dell], Udell [Dell]

Dell, Delling, Delmar [Delmore, ..], Delmon [Delmont, ..], Delphin [Delvin, ..], Delroy [Delron, ..], Delton [Dalton], Delvin [Delwynn, ..], Demarcus [Demarquiss, ..], Demas [Dimas], Demetrius [Dmitry, ..], Demos [Dimos, ..], Dempsey [Dempsy], Dempster, Denali, Denby [Denny, ..], Denham, Denholm, Denis [Denys], Denley [Denly, ..]

Denman, Denmark, Dennis [Diot, ..], Dennison [Dennyson, ..], Denver, Denzel [Denzyl, ..], Deodar, Deon, George [Deorsa], Derby [Derbie, ..], Derek [Dyrk, ..], Theodoric [Dirk, ..], Derland [Durland], Jeremiah [Diarmid, ..], Dermot [Diarmuld, ..], Deron [Derron, ..], Derry [Derrie], Derwin [Durwin, ..], Des, Deshan [Deshal, ..]

Deshawn [Deshon, ..], Desiderio [Dizier, ..], Desmond [Dezmond, ..], Destin [Deston, ..], Destry [Destrie, ..], Detleff [Detlev, ..], Deus, Dev, Deval [Deven], Deverell [Deverel, ..], Devereux [Deveraux], Devin [Devynn, ..], Devine, Devlin [Devlyn, ..], Devon [Devyn, ..], Dewey [Dewie, ..], Dewitt [Dwight], Dexter [Dexy, ..], Diamond, Diarmid [Diarmi, ..]

Dice [Dyce], Richard [Dicky, ..], Dick [Dixon, ..], Dickinson, Didier, James [Diogo, ..], Diego [Dago], Theobald [Dietbold, ..], Dieter, Dietrich [Dirk, ..], Digby, Diggory [Digory, ..], Dillon [Dylon, ..], Dimitri [Dima], Dinesh, Dingo, Dino, Dion [Dondre, ..], Dionysius [Dionysus, ..], Dirk [Dirck, ..]

Dixon [Dix, ..], Doane [Doan], Dobbs, Roger [Dodge], Dodge [Dodgson, ..], Doherty [Douherty, ..], Dolan, Adolph [Dolphus, ..], Rudolph [Dolph], Dolph [Dolphus, ..], Dominic [Dominy, ..], Domino, Don [Donny, ..], Donahue [Donohue, ..], Donald [Donnell], Donato [Donzel, ..], Donnell [Donnelly, ..], Donovan [Donovon, ..], Dontavius [Dontavious, ..], Donte [Dontrell, ..]

Dooley, Dor [Dorli, ..], Doran [Dorren, ..], Isidore [Dory, ..], Dorian [Dorryen, ..], Doron [Doroni, ..], Dorran [Dorrin, ..], Dorsey [Dorsie, ..], Dotson [Dottson, ..], Dougal [Dugall, ..], Douglas [Dugaid, ..], Dov, Dover, Dow [Dowson, ..], Doyle, Drake [Drakon, ..], Draper, Draven, Drew [Drue, ..], Driscoll [Driscol]

Tristan [Drostan], Drummond, Drury [Dru, ..], Dryden, Duane [Dwayne, ..], Duarte [Duardo], Edward [Duarte], Dudley, Duff [Duffy, ..], Dugan [Duggan, ..], Marmaduke [Duke], Duke, Dumont, Dunbar, Duncan [Dunn, ..], Dundee, Dunham, Dunley [Dunnley, ..], Dunlop, Dunmore

Dunn [Dunne], Dunstan [Dunston, ..], Dunton, Durand [Durrant, ..], Durbin, Dureau [Durrell, ..], Durward [Derward], Durwin [Durwyn, ..], Duryea, Dustin [Dustyn, ..], Duvall [Duval], Dwade, Dwayne [Dwane, ..], Dwight, Dwyer [Dwire], Dyer, Dylan [Dylonn, ..], Dyson

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