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Del- baby names and what they mean, with 22 results. These boy names were at the top of their popularity 88 years ago (ADOPTION OF 0.2%), but now, names such as Delbert have become less fashionable. Delange (TOP 14%) and Delaune (12%) are familiar Del- last names. Here is the list of Del- names for girls.

Del- names

Del - Delton | Delvin - Delvin

Del - Delton


Form of Abdul. From Arabic language. "Servant." Deo is also a slightly favored birth name.

Dalbert and variants

Delbert1, Del2
Forms of Dalbert. Derived fr. Old English word. "Bright-shining one." Common as surnames, and Del (TOP 48%) is similar to common -el surnames Diemel (TOP 86%), Dickel (36%).

Stems fr. French word. "Of the." A somewhat untypical children's name, Del is used more frequently as a surname. Cross-gender use.

Delaney and variants

Delaney, var. Delany, Delano1, Delanie, Delani, Delane, Delainey, Delainy, Delaine
Source fr. Old French, Irish languages. "From the alder grove; black defiance." Delano has trended downward in favor as a boys' name since the 1930s.


From Old French. .. American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Less common today. Delano was last found in 2001 in the Top 2000. See also Delani.


Form of Albert. Origin fr. Old English element. "Noble, bright." Delbert is frequently occurring (UPPER 31%) as a male name, and exists commonly (UPPER 35%) as a last name. See also Dilbert.

Stems fr. Old English language. "Day-bright." Somewhat atypical as a birth name, Delbert exists fairly often as a last name.

Delorean, Deloran, Delon, Deleon
Forms of De-. Derivative of American. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Deleon, Deloran, etc. are barely found as masculine names.

Delius and variants

Delius, var. Delos, Delios, Deli
Source fr. Greek element. "From Delos." Less widespread today. Delos was the variant last recorded (1940-1949) in the Top 2000.


Var. of Odell. From Old English word. "Woad hill." Gender-neutral name. Usage of Dell as a boys' name has waned since the 1880s.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Del- names: Del, Delane, Delano, Delbert, Delfino

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Del- names: Dell, Delmar, Delmer, Delos, Delphin

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Del- names: Delroy, Delton, Delvin

Origin fr. Old English word. "Small valley." Usage of Dell for boys has declined since 1880-1889. Unisex name.

Form of Udell. Origin fr. Old English language. "Yew-tree valley." Dell is widely used as a baby name compared to other variations. Also a girls' name.

Var. of Dallas. From Irish, Gaelic, Scottish elements. "From the dales, the valley meadows." Dells (UPPER 94%), Dellos (81%) are common surnames. See also Delos.

Stems fr. Old Norse word. "Scintillating." Delling is rarely used as a birth name.

Delmar and variants

Delmar, var. Delmore, Delmor, Delmer
From Spanish, Old French languages. "Of the sea." Delmar (TOP 59%) and Delmer (80%) are recognizable masculine names, whereas Delmor and Delmore are atypical.

Delmon, var. Delmont, Delman
Origin fr. English element. "Of the mountain." Demon and Dolmon are creative variations.

Delphin and variants

Delphin, var. Delvin, Delphinus, Delphinos, Delphino, Delfinus, Delfino, Delfinos, Delfin
Source fr. Greek element. "Dolphin." Delfin, Delfinos, Delfinus, Delphino and Delphinos are more unconventional as boys' names among the versions of Delphin.

Delroy and variants

Delroy, var. Delron, Delroi, Delrico, Delrick, Delray
Root fr. French language. "The king." Delray, Delrick, Delrico, Delroi and Delron are more unconventional as baby names among the variations of Delroy.


Var. of Dalton. From Old English element. "From the valley town." Delton was popular with parents in the 1930s. See also Dexton.

Root fr. Old English language. "From the valley town." Delton is an irregularly used masculine name, existing commonly (TOP 65%) as a last name. See also Daulton.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Del- names for boys.

1. Del - Delton
Abdul [Del], Dalbert [Del, Delbert], Del, Delaney [Delany, Delano, Delani, Delane, Delanie, Delainy, Delaine, Delainey], Delano, Albert [Delbert], Delbert, De- [Delon, Deleon, Deloran, Delorean], Delius [Deli, Delos, Delios], Odell [Dell], Dell, Udell [Dell], Dallas [Delles], Delling, Delmar [Delmer, Delmor, Delmore], Delmon [Delman, Delmont], Delphin [Delvin, Delfin, Delfino, Delphino, Delfinus, Delfinos, Delphinus, Delphinos], Delroy [Delron, Delroi, Delray, Delrico, Delrick], Dalton [Delton], Delton

Delvin [Delwyn, Delwin, Delvon, Delwynn, Dellwin, Delevan, Delavan], Devlin [Delvin]

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