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Du- baby names and what they mean, with 32 results. Du- names are used more often as masculine names. These boy names were at the apex of their popularity during 1980-1989 (ADOPTION OF 0.61%) and are now significantly less widespread (ADOPTION 0.08%, 87.5%), with names like Dusty becoming somewhat dated. Duke (#531) is the most contemporarily stylish name for newborns in this list, while Duhe (TOP 13%) and Ducote (6%) are familiar Du- last names. Here is the list of Du- names for girls.

Du- names

Duane - Dunn | Dunstan - Duvall

Duane - Dunn

Dwayne and variants

Duwayne1, Duwain1, Duane1
Forms of Dwayne. Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Swarthy." Common, and Duwayne is comparable to popular last names Dayne (TOP 56%), Dyne (63%), which also end with -yne.

Duane2, var. Duwayne2, Duwaine, Duwain2, Duayne, Duante
Derivative of Irish, Gaelic language. "Dark, swarthy." Unconventional, with usage of 0.005% for Duane and variants as boys' names in 2018, less than 0.006% a year ago.

Var. of Edward. Source fr. Old English language. "Wealthy guard." Not that popular as a birth name, Duarte exists more frequently as a surname. See also Duante.

Duarte2, var. Duardo
From Spanish, Old English words. "Wealthy guard." Duarda and Duarde are creative forms.


Based on Old English. "People's field." Less widespread today. Dudley was last recorded in the 1980s in the Top 2000. See also Dunley.

Duff and variants

Duff, var. Duffy, Duffie, Duffey
Derivative of Gaelic element. "Swarthy." Less popular today. Duff was the version last appearing (1950-1959) in the Top 2000.

Var. of Douglas. Derivative of Scottish, Gaelic languages. "Black river." Outside Top 2000.

Dugall, Dugald, Dugal
Var. of Dougal. Root fr. Celtic element. "Dark stranger." Compare last names Durall (TOP 22%), Duvall (1%).

Dugan, var. Duggan
Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Dark, swarthy." Dusan is a moderately popular kid's name.


Based on Latin. "Leader." Usage of Duke as a birth name in 2018 was up 3.5% compared to 2017. See also Dace.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Du- names: Duane, Dudley, Duff, Duke, Duncan, Duwayne

Var. of Marmaduke. Derived fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Follower of Saint Maedoc." Usage of Duke as a boys' name in 2018 was significantly more than 10 years ago. See also Dice.

Source fr. French language. "Of the mountain." Unique, with the androgynous -nt suffix, like Delmont. See also Damonte.

Source fr. Gaelic. "Castle headland." Rather uncommon as a baby name, Dunbar is found more commonly as a surname.

Duncan and variants

Duncan, var. Dunn1, Dunc
Root fr. Scottish, Gaelic. "Dark warrior; brown fighter." Duncan (UPPER 1%) and Dunn (1%) appear commonly as last names.

Based on Gaelic language. "Fort on the Tay." Unique, with the -ee suffix, like Dorsee, Dee.

Stems fr. Gaelic language. "Brown man." A rare birth name, Dunham occurs more frequently as a last name. See also Denham.

Dunley, var. Dunnley, Dunnleigh, Dunnlea, Dunly, Dunleigh, Dunlie, Dunlea
Derived fr. Old English. "Meadow with the hill." Unique, with the androgynous -ley ending for Dunley, Dunnley, like Dailey.

From Scottish, Gaelic. "Muddy hill." Not in Top 2000.

Based on Scottish, Gaelic. "Big fortress on the hill." Not much used as a children's name, Dunmore occurs more commonly as a surname.

Dunn2, var. Dunne
From Gaelic word. "Brown." Rare as baby names, but Dunn and Dunne are comparable to the more conventional Dane.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Du- names for boys.

1. Duane - Dunn
Dwayne [Duane, Duwain, Duwayne], Duane [Duwain, Duayne, Duante, Duwayne, Duwaine], Edward [Duarte], Duarte [Duardo], Dudley, Duff [Duffy, Duffie, Duffey], Douglas [Dugaid], Dougal [Dugal, Dugall, Dugald], Dugan [Duggan], Duke, Marmaduke [Duke], Dumont, Dunbar, Duncan [Dunn, Dunc], Dundee, Dunham, Dunley [Dunly, Dunlie, Dunlea, Dunnley, Dunnlea, Dunleigh, Dunnleigh], Dunlop, Dunmore, Dunn [Dunne]

Dunstan [Dunston, Dunstin, Dunsten], Dunton, Durand [Duran, Durant, Durrant, Durante], Durbin, Dureau [Durell, Durrell], Derland [Durland], Durward, Durwin [Durwyn], Derwin [Durwin], Duryea, Dustin [Dusty, Dustyn, Duston, Dusten, Dustan], Duvall [Duval]

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