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Ed- baby names and what they mean, with 25 results. Usage of these boy names was at its highest in the 1880s (ADOPTION OF 3.2%) and is now significantly diminished (ADOPTION 0.4%, 87.1% LESS), with names like Edsel becoming somewhat outmoded. Eden (#488) and Edison (#536) are two of the more contemporarily stylish names for newborns among these, while Edman (TOP 12%) and Edelen (8%) are familiar Ed- last names. Here is the list of Ed- names for girls.

Ed- names

Ed - Edrian | Edrian - Edwin

Ed - Edrian

Ed and variants

Ed1, var. Edd
Nickname for Edgar, Edmund, Edward and .. Usage of Ed and Edd as baby names has diminished since 1880-1889.

Aidan and variants

Eden1, Edan1
Var. of Aidan. Root fr. Gaelic language. "Fire." Eren is also a marginally prominent kid's name.

Edan2, var. Edin1
Source fr. Scottish, Irish, Gaelic elements. "Fire." Unconventional, but Edan is comparable to popular last names Ehman (UPPER 18%), Eyman (17%), which also end with -an.

Derived fr. Old English. "Wealthy, bright." Edberto and Erbert are creative forms. See also Egbert.

Eddie and variants

Eddie1, var. Eddy1
From English language. Pet form of Ed, the nickname .. Usage of Eddie and Eddy as boys' names in 2018 was 39.1% less than the previous decade.

Edel1, var. Edlin, Edelin
Based on Old German word. "Noble." Edel (UPPER 16%), Edelin (66%) and Edlin (13%) exist regularly as surnames.

Form of Adel. From Hebrew, Old German. "God is eternal; noble." Edell (TOP 29%), Edey (63%) are familiar surnames. See also Eden.

Form of Adalfieri. Source fr. German. "Noble oath." Not in Top 2000.

Form of Adalgiso. Derived fr. Old German. "Noble, precious promise." Not in popularity charts.

Eden2, var. Edyn, Edun, Edon, Ednan, Edin2
Source fr. Hebrew element. "Place of pleasure." Eden, Edin, etc. became more trendy in 2018, gaining +3 positions as baby names with Eden leading the upswing.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ed- names: Ed, Edd, Eddie, Eddy, Eden

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ed- names: Eder, Edgar, Edgard, Edgardo, Edison

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ed- names: Edmon, Edmond, Edmund, Edmundo, Edson


Derived fr. Hebrew language. "Flock." Sparing use, with usage of 0.005% for Eder as a baby name in 2018, lower than 0.005% the previous year. See also Ezer.

Edgar and variants

Edgar, var. Edgardo, Edgard, Eddy2, Eddie2, Ed2
Based on Old English element. "Wealthy spear." Usage of Edgar, Ed, Eddie and Edgardo as boys' names has diminished since the 1880s.

Var. of Egerton. From Old English. .. possibly "Edgar's settlement". Edgerton was not among 2018's Top names.

Edison and variants

Edison, var. Edson, Eddy3, Eddison
Origin fr. Old English element. "Son of Edward." Well-used, with usage of 0.04% for Edison, Eddison, etc. as birth names in 2018, higher than 0.038% a year ago.

Based on Old English element. "Wealthy sea." Rare, with the -ar ending, like Ellgar, Eadgar. See also Elmar.

Edmund and variants

Edmund, var. Edmwnd, Edmundo, Edmondo, Edmondine, Edmond, Edmonde, Edmon, Eddy4, Eddie3, Ed3
Stems fr. Old English. "Wealthy protector." Edmund and variants became more popular in 2018, gaining +46 rankings as baby names with Edmond leading the upswing.

Form of Adam. Based on Hebrew word. "Earth." A rare children's name, Edom is used more frequently as a surname. See also Edin.

Derived fr. Hebrew. "Red." Not in popularity charts. See also Edon.

Source fr. Old English element. "Wealthy counsel." Edred is uncommonly used as a given name. See also Eldred.

Var. of Adrian. Based on Latin language. "From Hadria." Not widespread. Edrian is not found in the US Demographics.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Ed- names for boys.

1. Ed - Edrian
Ed [Edd], Aidan [Eden, Edan], Edan [Edin], Edbert, Eddie [Eddy], Edel [Edlin, Edelin], Adel [Edel], Adalfieri [Edelfieri], Adalgiso [Edelgiso], Eden [Edyn, Edun, Edon, Edin, Ednan], Eder, Edgar [Ed, Eddy, Eddie, Edgard, Edgardo], Egerton [Edgerton], Edison [Eddy, Edson, Eddison], Edmar, Edmund [Eddy, Edmon, Edmwnd, Edmond, Edmundo, Edmondo, Edmonde, Edmondine, ..], Adam [Edom], Edom, Edred, Adrian [Edrian]

Edrian, Edric [Edrik, Edrick, Edrich, Ederic, Ederick, Eddrick], Edsel, Edward [Eduard, Edvard, Edwards, Edwardo, Eduardo, Eduarde, Edouard, Edvardas, ..], Edwin [Ed, Eddy, Edwyn, Edvin, Edlin, Eddie, Eduino]

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