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Fr- baby names and what they mean, with 27 results. Fr- names are used more often as masculine names. Adoption of these boy names was at its apex during 1880-1889 (ADOPTION OF 5.24%) and is now significantly lower (ADOPTION 0.28%, 94.7%), with names such as Francis going out of style. Franco (#808) is the most fashionable name for newborns in this list, while Frink (TOP 5%) and Frias (2%) are common Fr- last names. Here is the list of Fr- names for girls.

Fr- names

Fraener - Frey | Frick - Fry

Fraener - Frey

Fraenir, Fraener
Forms of Fafnir. Based on Old Norse. Mythology .. Unusual, but Fraenir is comparable to common last names Flair (UPPER 41%), Frair (50%), which also end with -ir.

Origin fr. French language. .. Actor Franchot Tone. Outside Top 2000. See also Franco.

Francis and variants

Francis, var. Frasquito, Frascuelo, Frasco, Franzin, Franzen, Franzi, Franzel, Franz1, Frantz1, Fransisco, Frants, Frans, Frannie, Frann, Frankie1, Franko, Frank1, Franio, Francois, Franciszek, Franco1, Franciskus, Franciscus, Francisco1, Franchesko, Franchot2, Franchesco, Franche, Francesco1, Francisque, Franco2, Fran
From Latin. "Frenchman." Adoption of Franzel and forms was widespread a century ago and is now lower, with Francis becoming somewhat outmoded.

Francisco and variants

Francisco2, var. Frisco, Francesco2
Derived fr. Spanish, Portuguese languages. Variant of Francis. Francisco and Francesco are Top 2000 baby names.

Frank and variants

Frank2, var. Franz2, Frantz2, Franky, Frankie2, Franck, Francke, Franco3, Franc
Based on Old German element. "Frenchman." Franco, Frank, Frankie, Franky, Frantz and Franz are more familiar as boys' names among these variant forms.

Franklin and variants

Franklin, var. Franklynn, Franklyn, Franklinn, Frank3, Francklin, Francklyn
Derived fr. Middle English word. "Free man." Frank, Franklin and Franklyn are more familiar as birth names among these forms.

Fraser and variants

Fraser1, var. Frazier, Frazer, Frasier, Fraser2
Origin fr. Scottish. .. The surname is of Norman origin .. Fraser, Frasier and Frazer are more rare as boys' names.

Frayne, var. Freyne, Freen, Frean, Frayn, Fraine
Source fr. Middle English element. "Foreign." Compare last names Frane (UPPER 31%), Frayre (25%).

Alfred and variants

Fredo, Freddy1, Freddie1, Fred1
Forms of Alfred. Stems fr. Old English element. "Elf or magical counsel." Usage of Fred and Freddie as children's names has decreased since the 1890s.

Fred2, var. Freddy2, Freddie2
Short form of Frederick and Alfred. Fred, Freddie and Freddy are Top 2000 baby names.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Fr- names: Francesco, Francis, Francisco, Franco, Francois

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Fr- names: Frank, Frankie, Franklin, Franklyn, Franky

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Fr- names: Fransisco, Frantz, Franz, Frazier, Fred

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Fr- names: Freddie, Freddy, Frederic, Frederich, Frederick

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Fr- names: Fredi, Fredric, Fredrick, Freeman, Fremont

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Fr- names: French, Fritz

Frederick and variants

Frederick, var. Fredro, Fryderky, Fritzl, Fritzi, Fritz, Fritzchen, Fridrick, Fridrich, Friedrick, Friedel, Friedrich, Frido, Fredrik, Fredrick, Fredi, Fredric, Frederik, Frederico1, Frederich, Fredek, Frederic, Freddy3, Freddie3, Fredd, Fred3
Derivative of Old French, Old German words. "Peaceful ruler." Fred, Freddie, Frederic, Frederick, Fredric, Fredrick and Fritz have decreased in popularity as baby names circa 1880-1889.

Var. of Federico. Derived fr. Spanish, Italian. "Peaceful ruler." Frederico is not in the Top 2000. See also Frederic.

Derived fr. Old English. May date back to slave days .. Freeborn is seldom used as a birth name.

Freed, var. Fried
Derivative of Old English, German words. "Free; peace." Faeed and Feared are creative forms.

From the English word. Freedom is not a Top 2000 name.

Freeman and variants

Freeman, var. Friedmann, Friedman, Freman, Freemon, Freedman, Freeland, Free
Based on Old English. "Free man." Free, Freedman, Freeland, Freemon and Freman are more unconventional as boys' names among the forms of Freeman.


Stems fr. French, Old German words. "Noble protector; protector of freedom." Fremont is an unconventional male name, registering commonly (TOP 19%) as a last name. See also Tremont.


Derivative of Middle English element. "From France." French is an uncommonly used masculine name, occurring regularly (UPPER 1%) as a surname. See also Ferenc.

Frewin, var. Frewen
From Old English. "Free friend." Frewin and Frewen are rarely used as boys' names.

Based on Scandinavian language. "Lord, exalted one." Outside Top 2000. See also Fry.