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Han- baby names and what they mean, with 20 results. Han- names are used more often as masculine names. These boy names were at the peak of their popularity less than a decade ago (ADOPTION OF 0.05%) and are almost as common today (ADOPTION 0.04%, 13%), but with names like Hans becoming less fashionable. Hank (#457) is the most chic baby name among these, while Hane (TOP 13%) and Hanes (2%) are common Han- last names.

Han- names

Hanan - Hansraj

Var. of Chanan. Origin fr. Hebrew element. "God was compassionate." Hanad is a marginally favored birth name.

Hancock, var. Handcock
Based on Old English. May possibly relate to poultry .. Hancock, Handcock (compare Hadick, Handrick) are popular -ck suffix surnames.

Derivative of Old English element. "High ford." Hanford is unique as a given name, appearing regularly (TOP 10%) as a surname. See also Halford.

Hani, var. Hany
Source fr. Arabic. "Full of joy." Hani and Hany were not Top birth names in 2018.

Hanyel, Hanniel, Haniel
Forms of Chaniel. Derivative of Hebrew. "Grace of God." Haniel, Hanniel and Hanyel are seldom found as first names.

Stems fr. Arabic element. "Devout devotee of Islam." Compare surnames Habif (TOP 85%), Hanig (48%). See also Hani.


Var. of Henry. Derivative of Old German element. "Home leader." Hank was among 2018's Top names. See also Hawk.

Root fr. Old German. "Home leader." Popular as a children's name, Hank is comparable to the conventional Hans. See also Hanns.

Hanley, var. Hanly, Hanleigh, Hanlee, Hanlea, Handley, Handlea, Handleigh
Derivative of Old English word. "High meadow." Handley (UPPER 2%), Hanley (1%) and Hanly (21%) exist commonly as last names.

Based on Arabic word. "Compassionate." Hannan is rarely adopted as a boys' name. See also Cannan.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Han- names: Hank, Hannibal, Hans, Hansel, Hanson

John and variants

Hansl, Hansel1, Hanschen, Hans1, Hanno, Hannes1
Forms of John. Based on Hebrew word. "God is gracious." Hans is a Top 2000 baby name.


Stems fr. Phoenician element. "Grace of Baal." A somewhat rare boys' name, Hannibal exists more frequently as a surname.

Source fr. Hebrew word. "Experienced, profound." Scarcely used as a birth name. See also Hanok.

Hanok, Hannoch, Hanoch2
Forms of Chanoch. Based on Hebrew language. "Experienced, profound." Hamnoch and Hennoch are creative forms.

Hans2, var. Hanzel1, Hanss, Hansel2, Hanns, Hannes2, Han
Origin fr. Scandinavian, German, Danish, Hebrew languages. "God is gracious." Usage of Hans and forms peaked a century ago and is now lower, with Hans becoming somewhat dated.


Form of Jan. From Dutch, Danish, Slavic, Hebrew elements. "God is gracious." Hans was favored as a baby name a century ago and has become less common, with Hans becoming somewhat outmoded.

Hansel and variants

Hansel3, var. Hanzel2
Origin fr. Hebrew word. "God is gracious." Sparing use, with usage of 0.001% for Hansel and Hanzel as baby names in 2018, less than 0.004% the previous year.

Hanson and variants

Hanson1, var. Hansson, Hanssen, Hansen
Derived fr. Scandinavian, German, Danish words. "Son of Hans." Less popular today. Hanson was the variation last recorded (1900-1909) in the Top 2000.

Form of Anson. Derivative of English element. .. Surname. A moderately uncommon children's name, Hanson exists more often as a surname. See also Hansen.

Based on Hindi, Sanskrit languages. "Swan king." Not Top 2000 name.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Han- names for boys.

1. Hanan - Hansraj
Chanan [Hanan], Hancock [Handcock], Hanford, Hani [Hany], Chaniel [Hanyel, Haniel, Hanniel], Hanif, Henry [Hank], Hank, Hanley [Hanly, Hanlee, Hanlea, Handley, Handlea, Hanleigh, Handleigh], Hannan, John [Hans, Hansl, Hanno, Hansel, Hannes, Hanschen], Hannibal, Hanoch, Chanoch [Hanok, Hanoch, Hannoch], Hans [Han, Hanss, Hanns, Hanzel, Hansel, Hannes], Jan [Hans], Hansel [Hanzel], Hanson [Hansen, Hansson, Hanssen], Anson [Hanson], Hansraj

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