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L baby names and what they mean, with 202 results. The more fashionable boy names among these are Leo (#50), Leonardo (#92), Levi (#33), Lincoln (#40) and Lucas (#8), while Lund (TOP 1%) and Liang (2%) are popular L- surnames. Here is the list of L- names for girls.

La- - Lancaster | Lance - Lapo | Lapo - Laud | Laughlin - Lee | Lee - Leopold | Leron - Lidio | .. - .. | Lysander - Lytton

La- - Lancaster

Top 2000 baby names ranking of L- names: Laban, Lacey, Lachlan, Lacy, Ladd

La- and variants

La-, var. Lavonte, Lavon, Lavell, Lavar, Lavaughn, Lavante, Laval, Lashawn, Latrell, Lasean, Laroyce, Laron, Laroy, Larenzo, Larell, Lamont1, Laray, Lamario, Lamarcus, Lajon, Lamar1, Ladell1, Ladale
Based on American word. .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second .. Usage of La- and variants as baby names in 2018 was down 67.6% compared to 2008.

Laban and variants

Laban, var. Lavan
Origin fr. Hebrew word. "White." Liban is also a moderately popular birth name.


Based on Irish, Gaelic word. "From the land of lakes." Common. Compare Lachlan and popular -an last names Lahrman (TOP 37%), Lutchman (37%). See also Lachman.

Lachman, var. Lachmann
Based on German language. "Man from the lake." Lachman (UPPER 11%) and Lachmann (57%) are found often as surnames.

From French. "The cross." Lacrosse is a rarely used men's name, registering regularly (TOP 15%) as a surname.

Lacy and variants

Lacy, var. Lacie, Lacey
Source fr. Old French language. Lacie is unconventional as a baby name among the variant forms of Lacy.

Ladd and variants

Ladd, var. Laddy, Laddie, Laddey, Lad
Derivative of Middle English element. "Manservant; young man." Ladd (UPPER 1%) and Lad (29%) occur regularly as surnames.

Ladell2, var. Ladle
From Old English element. "Ladle maker or seller." Ladell and Ladle are rarely adopted as boys' names.

Ladislas and variants

Ladislas, var. Lazlo, Laszlo, Laslo, Lacko, Ladislaus
Derivative of Slavic element. "Glorious rule." Laszlo (TOP 19%), Lacko (25%) and Laslo (27%) exist frequently as last names.

From Greek element. Mythology .. Outside Top 2000. See also Lidon.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of L- names: Laddie, Lafayette, Laird, Lake, Laken

Top 2000 baby names ranking of L- names: Lamar, Lamarcus, Lamarr, Lambert, Lamont

Top 2000 baby names ranking of L- names: Lamonte, Laron, Laroy, Lashawn, Laszlo

Top 2000 baby names ranking of L- names: Latrell, Lavar, Lavell, Lavon, Lavonte, Lemar


Derivative of French language. .. Historical. Less used today. Lafayette was last found in the 1980s in the Top 2000.


Stems fr. Scottish, Middle English languages. "Lord." Laird was popular with parents 78 years ago. See also Kaird.

Lake and variants

Lake, var. Lakon, Laken, Laikin, Laike, Laiken
Geography name for an inland body .. Lake (UPPER 1%) and Laken (66%) are found commonly as last names.

Based on Hindi element. "Auspicious, good fortune." Not in popularity charts. See also Lachman.

Lalo1, var. Lallo, Lale
Root fr. Latin language. "To sing a lullaby." Lalo, Lale and Lallo are unique as baby names.

Form of Edward. Stems fr. Old English language. "Wealthy guard." Rather quaint as a birth name, Lalo occurs more frequently as a surname. See also Lazlo.

Lamar and variants

Lamar2, var. Lemarr, Lemar, Lamarre, Lamarr
Source fr. Old French, Old German elements. "The water; land famous." Lamar is a frequently occurring (TOP 38%) men's name, whereas Lamarr, Lamarre, Lemar and Lemarr are unconventional.

Lambert and variants

Lambert, var. Landbert, Lambirt, Lamberto, Lambart
Derivative of Scandinavian. "Land brilliant." Landbert and variants were popular as birth names during 1910-1919.

Lamont and variants

Lamont2, var. Lemond, Lamonte, Lamond, Lammond
Root fr. Old Norse element. "Law man." Usage of Lamont, Lamond, etc. as children's names in 2018 was 23.3% less than the previous year.

Lancaster, var. Lankester, Lanchester, Lancester, Lancashire
Based on Old English. "Fort on the Lune river." Lancashire and variants are not often adopted as boys' names.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for L- names for boys.

1. La- - Lancaster
La- [Lavonte, ..], Laban [Lavan], Lachlan, Lachman [Lachmann], Lacrosse, Lacy [Lacie, ..], Ladd [Laddy, ..], Ladell [Ladle], Ladislas [Lazlo, ..], Ladon, Lafayette, Laird, Lake [Lakon, ..], Lakshman, Lalo [Lallo, ..], Edward [Lalo], Lamar [Lemarr, ..], Lambert [Landbert, ..], Lamont [Lemond, ..], Lancaster [Lankester, ..]

Lance [Launce, ..], Lancelot [Launcelot], Orlando [Lanny, ..], Lander [Landry, ..], Landon [Landyn, ..], Lane [Layne, ..], Lang [Lange], Langdon [Langden, ..], Langford, Langhorne [Langhorn], Langley [Langly, ..], Langston [Langton, ..], Langward, Langworth, Lanier, Roland [Lanny, ..], Lanny [Lannie], Lansing, Lanzo [Lanza], Giacomo [Lapo]

Lapo, Laramie, Larch, Laredo, Largo, Alaire [Lary, ..], Lark, Larkin, Larnell, Larrimore [Lorimer, ..], Larron [Larrin, ..], Larry, Lars [Larsson, ..], Lasalle, Latham [Lathom], Lathan [Lathen], Lathrop, Latif [Latiph, ..], Latimer [Latymer, ..], Laud

Laughlin [Loughlin], Laurean [Lauriano, ..], Lauriston, Vernon [Lavern], Laverne [Luverne, ..], Lawford, Lawler [Lollar, ..], Lawrence [Lowrance, ..], Lawson, Lawton [Loughton, ..], Lawyer, Lazarus [Lazzaro, ..], Le- [Lewayne, ..], Leander [Liandro, ..], Leary, Lebrun [Lebron, ..], Lech, Ashley [Lee], Bentley [Lee], Finlay [Leigh, ..]

Farley [Leigh, ..], Lee [Leigh, ..], Bradley [Lee], Leggett [Liggett, ..], Lehman [Lehmann], Leif [Lief], Hadley [Leigh], Leighton [Leyton, ..], Leith, Leland [Leyland, ..], Lemuel [Lemmie, ..], Lennox [Lenox], Lenny [Lennie, ..], Leo [Lyon, ..], Leomaris, Napoleon [Leone, ..], Leon [Lionni, ..], Leonard [Lonny, ..], Leonardo, Leopold [Leupold, ..]

Leron, Leroux [Larue], Leroy [Leroi, ..], Leslie [Lezly, ..], Lester [Les, ..], Lev, Levander, Levant, Levi [Levy, ..], Leviticus, Levon, Lewis [Luis, ..], Aloysius [Lutwick, ..], Alexander [Lexo, ..], Lexer [Lexus, ..], Lexus, William [Liam], Liam [Lyam], Liberio [Liberto, ..], Lidio [Lydio, ..]

Lidon [Leedon, ..], Elijah [Lige], Lincoln [Link, ..], Lindberg [Lindy, ..], Lindell [Lyndell, ..], Lindeman [Linder, ..], Linden [Lyndon, ..], Lindford [Lynford, ..], Lindhurst [Lyndhurst, ..], Lindley [Lindly, ..], Lindsay [Lyndsie, ..], Link, Linley [Linly, ..], Linn [Lynn, ..], Linton [Lyntonn, ..], Linus [Linos, ..], Lionel [Lyonnello, ..], Felipe [Lippo], Liron [Lyron, ..], Elisha [Lisha]

Lisle [Lysle, ..], Litton [Lytton, ..], Livingston [Livingstone, ..], Lleu [Lugus, ..], Llewellyn [Llwewellin, ..], Lloyd [Loyd], Locke [Lockwood, ..], Lockhart, Lockwood, Lodge, Lodur, Loeb [Loewy, ..], Logan [Logen], Loki, Loman, Lombard [Lombardo, ..], Alonzo [Lonny, ..], London, Long [Lang], Longfellow

Lonnie [Lonny, ..], Lonzo [Lonzell, ..], Lorcan, Lord, Loren [Loryn, ..], Lorenzo [Lorenzino, ..], Lorimer [Lorymer, ..], Loring [Lorring], Lorne [Lornell, ..], Lot, Lothar [Lothur, ..], Louis [Luis, ..], Loukas [Loukianos, ..], Lowell [Lowel, ..], Lowman, Eligius [Loy], Loyal [Loyall], Luano, Lubomir, Lucan [Lukan, ..]

Lucas [Lukas, ..], Luce, Lucian [Lukyan, ..], Lucky, Lucretius, Ludlow [Ludlowe], Ludoslaw, Ludwig [Ludovico, ..], Luis [Luiz], Luke [Lukas, ..], Lundy, Lunn [Lonn, ..], Luther [Lutero, ..], Lyall [Lyell], Lydell [Ledell], Lyle [Lysle, ..], Lyndon [Lynden, ..], Lynford [Linnford, ..], Lynley, Lyon [Lyons]

Lysander [Lysandros, ..], Lytton

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