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Li- baby names and what they mean, with 36 results. Li- names are used more often as feminine names. These boy names are at the apex of their popularity presently (ADOPTION OF 1.6%), except for names such as Lige which have fallen out of style. Lincoln (#40), Liam (#1) and Lionel (#634) are three of the more chic birth names in this list, while Lile (TOP 8%) and Liao (4%) are popular Li- last names. Here is the list of Li- names for girls.

Li- names

Liam - Linford | Link - Livingston

Liam - Linford


Var. of William. Stems fr. Old German. "Determined protector." Liem is also a slightly favored birth name. See also Linn.

Origin fr. Old German. "Determined protector." Liam (UPPER 78%), like Lanam (UPPER 47%), Leikam (30%), is a common -am suffix last name. See also Lino.

Liandro, Liander
Forms of Leander. Based on Greek language. "Lion man." Liando and Londro are creative variations.

Liberio, var. Liberto, Liberatus, Liberato
Based on Latin word. "Free." Liberio, Liberatus, etc. are not in the Top 2000.

Lidio, var. Licio
Stems fr. Portuguese element. "From Lydia." Lidio and Licio are unique first names.

Derivative of Hebrew. "Judgment is mine." Not Top 2000 name. See also Lion.

Var. of Leif. Root fr. Scandinavian language. "Heir; loved." Lief is not frequently used as a children's name. See also Loeb.


Var. of Elijah. From Hebrew. "Jehovah is God." Less used today. Lige was last recorded in 1920-1929 in the Top 2000. See also Lake.

Form of Leggett. Root fr. Old French element. "One who is sent, delegate." Liggett is an uncommonly used masculine name, occurring commonly (TOP 5%) as a last name.

Lyndon and variants

Lindy1, Lindon1, Linden1, Lin
Forms of Lyndon. Based on Old English. "Linden tree hill." Lin (UPPER 1%), Linden (4%), Lindon (17%) and Lindy (28%) exist often as surnames.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Li- names: Liam, Lige, Lin, Lincoln, Lindbergh

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Li- names: Lindell, Linden, Lindley, Lindon, Lindsay

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Li- names: Lindsey, Lindy, Linford, Link, Linwood, Linzy

Lincoln and variants

Lincoln, var. Link, Linc
Root fr. Old English word. "Lake colony." Usage of Lincoln and variants as children's names in 2018 was up a lot compared to the previous decade.

Lindberg and variants

Lindberg, var. Lindy2, Lindburg, Lindbergh
Origin fr. Old German element. "Linden tree mountain." Lindberg and Lindburg are more novel as baby names.

Lindell and variants

Lindell, var. Linwood, Lindel, Lindall, Lindal
Stems fr. Old English word. "Linden tree valley." Usage of Lindell and variants was widespread 9 decades ago, but now, Linwood has fallen out of fashion.

Lindeman, var. Linder, Lindemann
Root fr. German language. "Dweller near the lindens." Compare surnames Lindenman (UPPER 63%), Lindman (23%).

Linden and variants

Linden2, var. Lindon2, Lindo
Nature name .. Lindo is exclusive as a children's name among the forms of Linden.

Lindford1, var. Lindford2
From Old English. "Flax ford; linden tree ford." Not in Top 2000. See also Linford.

Lindhurst, var. Lindenhurst
Based on Old English word. "Linden village." Lindenhurst and Lindhurst are rarely used male names, and Lindhurst is found commonly (TOP 66%) as a last name.

Lindley and variants

Lindley, var. Lindly, Lindleigh, Lindlee, Lindlea
Origin fr. Old English language. "Linden tree meadow." Lindley is commonly used as a children's name among these variations.

Lindsay and variants

Lindsay, var. Linzy, Linsey, Linsay, Lindy3, Lindsey, Lindsy, Lindsee, Lindesay, Lind
Stems fr. Old English element. "Lincoln's marsh; island of linden trees." Lindsey and forms were favored as birth names 118 years ago, but now, Lindsey has become somewhat dated.

Lynford and variants

Linnford, Linford
Var. of Lynford. Derived fr. Old English language. "Linden tree ford." Linnford is unconventional as a baby name among the forms of Lynford.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Li- names for boys.

1. Liam - Linford
William [Liam], Liam, Leander [Liandro, Liander], Liberio [Liberto, Liberato, Liberatus], Lidio [Licio], Lidon, Leif [Lief], Elijah [Lige], Leggett [Liggett], Lyndon [Lin, Lindy, Lindon, Linden], Lincoln [Link, Linc], Lindberg [Lindy, Lindburg, Lindbergh], Lindell [Lindel, Lindal, Linwood, Lindall], Lindeman [Linder, Lindemann], Linden [Lindo, Lindon], Lindford [Lindford], Lindhurst [Lindenhurst], Lindley [Lindly, Lindlee, Lindlea, Lindleigh], Lindsay [Linzy, Lindy, Linsey, Linsay, Lindsy, Lindsey, Lindsee, Lindesay, ..], Lynford [Linford, Linnford]

Link, Linley [Linly, Linlee, Linlea, Linleigh], Linn [Lin, Linnie], Linton [Lintonn], Linus [Lino, Linos], Leo [Lion], Lionel [Lionnel, Lionelo, Lionell, Lionnell, Lionello, Lionnello], Leon [Lioni, Lionni, Lionisio], Felipe [Lippo], Liron, Lysander [Lizandro, Lisandro], Elisha [Lisha], Lisle, Lyle [Lisle], Litton [Litten, Littonn], Livingston [Livingsten, Livingstin, Livingstone]

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