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Ma- baby names and what they mean, with 164 results. These boy names reached the height of their popularity in 1990 (USAGE OF 4.5%) and have remained as common to this day (USAGE 4.3%, 5%), but with names such as Marquis falling out of fashion. The more fashionable boy names in this compilation are Mateo (#37), Maverick (#73), Matias (#201), Matteo (#196) and Maddox (#140), while Majors (TOP 2%) and Maes (4%) are familiar Ma- surnames. Here is the list of Ma- names for girls.

Ma- names

Mabon - Machenry | Mackenzie - Mahesh | Mahican - Malchior | Malcolm - Mannheim | Mannie - March | Marco - Marmion | .. - .. | Mayhew - Mazor

Mabon - Machenry

Derived fr. Welsh element. "Son." Maron is a marginally favored birth name. See also Macon.

Mabry, var. Maybury, Maybrey, Mayberry, Maybery, Mabrey
.. The bry ending may mean fortified .. Popular as last names, and Mabry (TOP 2%) is comparable to popular -bry last names Milbry (TOP 53%), Fabry (13%).

Mac and variants

Mac1, var. Macklin, Mackie, Mackey, Mack
From Gaelic language. "Son of." Mac, Mack and Macklin were Top birth names in 2018.


Form of Mc-. From Scottish, Irish languages. Surnames occasionally used as given names. Mac is in the Top 2000.

Stems fr. Scottish, Gaelic languages. "Son of Adam." Macadam is not often used as a boys' name.

Macallister, var. Macalister
From Scottish, Gaelic languages. "Son of Alistair." Outside Top 2000.

Form of Alpin. Root fr. Scottish, Gaelic. "Fair." Unique, with the androgynous -in suffix for Macalpin, like Mcclain.

Macardle, var. Macardell
From Scottish, Gaelic. "Son of great courage." Not in popularity charts.


Stems fr. Scottish, Gaelic languages. "Son of Arthur." Adoption of Macarthur was well-received among parents 8 decades ago.

Macbride, var. Macbryde
Root fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Son of the follower of Saint Brigid." Macbride and Macbryde are not in the Top 2000.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ma- names: Mac, Macarthur, Mace, Maceo, Mack

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ma- names: Mackie, Macklin

Maccabee, var. Makabee, Macabee
Root fr. Aramaic element. "Hammer." Not in popularity charts.

Based on Irish, Gaelic language. "Son of Hugh." Maccoy was not among 2018's Top names. See also Mackey.

Maccrea1, var. Macrae, Maccrea2, Maccray, Maccrae
Derivative of Irish, Gaelic word. "Son of grace." Maccrae and variants are hardly found as male names, and Macrae appears frequently (TOP 8%) as a last name.

Root fr. Scottish, Gaelic. "Son of Donald." Macdonald was not among 2018's Top names.

Macdougal1, var. Macdowell, Macdougal2
Stems fr. Scottish, Gaelic languages. "Son of Dougal." Not in Top 2000.

Mace and variants

Mace, var. Macey, Macerio, Maceo
From Middle English. "Heavy staff or club." Somewhat common as birth names, Macey, Mace, etc. are comparable to the familiar Mccoy.

Stems fr. Spanish, Greek words. "From Macedonia." Not in Top 2000.

Source fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Bartholomew's son." Not in popularity charts.

Macgowan1, var. Magowan, Macgowan2, Maccowen, Maccowan
Derivative of Irish, Gaelic element. "Son of the blacksmith." Not in Top 2000.

Based on Scottish, Gaelic. "Son of Henry." Scarce. Machenry is not listed in the US Demographics.

Quick Reference

Summary Index of names [and variants] for Ma- names for boys.

1. Mabon - Machenry
Mabon, Mabry [Maybury, ..], Mac [Macklin, ..], Mc- [Mac], Macadam, Macallister [Macalister], Alpin [Macalpin], Macardle [Macardell], Macarthur, Macbride [Macbryde], Maccabee [Makabee, ..], Maccoy, Maccrea [Macrae, ..], Macdonald, Macdougal [Macdowell, ..], Mace [Macey, ..], Macedonio, Macfarlane, Macgowan [Magowan, ..], Machenry

Mackenzie [Mackensie], Mackinac, Mackinley [Mackinlay], Macmahon [Macmahon], Macmurray, Macniel [Macneill, ..], Macon, Macy [Macey], Maddock [Madog, ..], Maddox [Madox, ..], Modesto [Madesto], Madison [Madisyn, ..], Magal, Magee [Macghee, ..], Magnus [Manus, ..], Maguire [Macguire], Magus, Mahatma, Mahavira [Mahavir], Mahesh

Mohegan [Mahican], Mahir, Mahlon, Muhammad [Mahomet, ..], Mahmud [Mahmoud, ..], Michael [Makai, ..], Maimon [Malmun], Meinhard [Maynard, ..], Munchin [Mannix, ..], Maitland [Maytland], Majid [Majeed, ..], Major [Mayor, ..], Makani, Makarios [Makkarios, ..], Makena [Makenna], Makoto, Maks, Malachi [Malequi, ..], Malak, Melchior [Malkior, ..]

Malcolm [Malkolm, ..], Malden [Maldon], Malik [Mallik, ..], Malin [Mallon, ..], Malki [Malkiya, ..], Mallory [Malory, ..], Malvin [Malvyn, ..], Melvin [Malvynn, ..], Mamun [Mamoun], Emmanuel [Manuelo, ..], Manasseh [Manasio, ..], Manchester, Mandan, Mandel [Mandelson, ..], Andrew [Mandrew], Manfred [Mannfryd, ..], Mankato, Manley [Manly, ..], Mann, Mannheim [Manheim]

Hyman [Mannie], Manning [Mannyng], Mannix, Chaim [Manny], Chapman [Manny], Mano [Manolo, ..], Manoach [Manoah, ..], Manolo [Manollo, ..], Mansel [Mansell], Mansfield, Mansur [Mansour, ..], Manton [Mannton, ..], Manuel [Manuelo, ..], Manville [Manvill, ..], Manzo, Mar- [Marzell, ..], Marc [Mark], Marcel [Marciano, ..], Marcellus [Marcello], March [Marzo, ..]

Marco [Markos, ..], Marcus [Markus, ..], Marden [Mardyn, ..], Marek [Marik], Mareo, Mariano [Marimo, ..], Marino [Marinus, ..], Mario [Marius, ..], Marion [Mariano], Mark [Marquus, ..], Markell [Marx, ..], Markham, Marland [Marlondo, ..], Marley [Marly, ..], Merlin [Marlon, ..], Marlon [Marlonn, ..], Marlow [Marlowe, ..], Marmaduke [Marmeduke], Larrimore [Marmer], Marmion [Marmyon, ..]

Maro, Marom, Marquis [Marquiz, ..], Marr [Mar], Marriner [Marrinor, ..], Mars, Marsden [Marsdon, ..], Marsh, Marshall [Marshell, ..], Marshawn [Marshon, ..], Marston [Marsten], Martel [Martell], Martin [Martyn, ..], Marvell [Marvel], Marvin [Marwynn, ..], Marwood, Maryland [Marryland, ..], Masefield, Maslin [Masslon, ..], Mason

Mochan [Machon, ..], Masos, Massey [Massie], Mataniah [Mattaniah, ..], Mather [Matther, ..], Methuselah [Mathusela], Matthew [Matz, ..], Matthias [Mattias, ..], Maurice [Maurycy, ..], Maverick [Mavrick], Max [Maxx, ..], Maxfield, Maximilian [Maxymillian, ..], Maximus [Maxy, ..], Maxwell [Maxwelle], Meyer [Mayor, ..], Meir [Mayer], Mayer [Maier], Mayes [Mays], Mayfield

Mayhew, Maynard [Maynor, ..], Mayo, Mazor

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