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N- Names for Boys

N baby names and what they mean, with 126 results. The more fashionable names for newborns in this compilation are Nash (#256), Nasir (#364), Nico (#382), Nikolai (#479) and Nolan (#64), while Nave (TOP 4%) and Nail (4%) are conventional N- surnames. Here is the list of N- names for girls.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of N- names: Nabil, Nader, Naeem, Naftali, Nahum

From Hebrew. "Be pleasant." Common as surname. Compare Naaman (TOP 77%) and common surnames Nulman (TOP 67%), Niesman (83%), with the -man suffix. See also Naman.

Nabil and variants

Nabil, var. Nabeel
Origin fr. Arabic. "Noble." Less popular today. Nabil was the variation last recorded (2002) in the Top 2000.

Nachman and variants

Nachman, var. Nahum1, Nachmann, Nacham
Derived fr. Hebrew language. "Comforter." Less popular today. Nahum was the variation last appearing (2012) in the Top 2000.

Nachshon, var. Nachson
Source fr. Hebrew language. "Adventurous, daring." Nahshon is a somewhat common baby name.

Nachum1, var. Nehum, Nechum, Nahum2
Source fr. Hebrew. "Comfort." Nachum, Nechum and Nehum are more rarefied as baby names.

Nahum3, Nachum2
Forms of Menachem. Based on Hebrew element. "Comforter." Nahum is prevalent as a baby name compared to Nachum.

Nadim, var. Nadeem
From Arabic element. "Friend." Nadim and Nadeem were not among 2018's Top names.

Nadir and variants

Nadir, var. Nader, Nadeir, Nadeer
Origin fr. Arabic. "Rare, scarce." Nadeer and variants are barely found as masculine names.

Naftali and variants

Naftali, var. Nephthali, Nephtali, Nefthali, Naphthali, Neftali, Naphtali
Derived fr. Hebrew word. "Struggling." Naphtali, Naphthali, Nefthali, Nephtali and Nephthali are more unique as baby names among the variant forms of Naftali.

Nagel, var. Nagler, Nagle, Nagelle, Naegel, Nageler
Stems fr. German. "Nail maker." Nagey (UPPER 93%), Nagal (70%) are conventional surnames.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of N- names: Naim, Neftali

Stems fr. Hebrew language. "Ruler, leader." Rare as a boys' name. See also Nagib.

Nahir, var. Naheer
Source fr. Hebrew language. "Clear, bright." Nahir and Naheer are not in the Top 2000.

Naim and variants

Naim, var. Naeem
Stems fr. Arabic. "To be contented." Naeem (UPPER 23%) and Naim (24%) appear commonly as last names.

Nairn, var. Nairne
Derivative of Scottish, Gaelic elements. "River with alder trees." Nafirn and Narn are creative forms.

Origin fr. African element. Place name .. Not in popularity charts. Cross-gender use.

Najib, var. Najeeb, Nagib, Nageeb
Root fr. Arabic. "Distinguished, noble." Najib (UPPER 63%) and Nagib (94%) appear commonly as last names.

Source fr. Spanish word. Diminutive of Reginald (Old German) counselor .. Naldo is uncommon as a children's name. See also Waldo.

Var. of Reginald. From Latin word. "Ruler's advisor." Not in popularity charts. See also Nardo.

Nalin, var. Nameen
From Hindi word. "Lotus." Rare. Nalin (cf. Norvin) ends with the androgynous -in.

Origin fr. Hindi, Hebrew elements. "Salutations; be kind." Not Top 2000 name.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for N- names for boys.

1. Naaman - Naman
Naaman, Nabil [Nabeel], Nachman [Nahum, ..], Nachshon [Nachson], Nachum [Nehum, ..], Menachem [Nahum, ..], Nadim [Nadeem], Nadir [Nader, ..], Naftali [Nephthali, ..], Nagel [Nagler, ..], Nagid, Nahir [Naheer], Naim [Naeem], Nairn [Nairne], Nairobi, Najib [Najeeb, ..], Naldo, Reginald [Naldo], Nalin [Nameen], Naman

Namir, Ferdinand [Nandy, ..], Napier [Neper], Napoleon [Napoleone, ..], Narcisse [Narses, ..], Nardo, Naren, Nash, Nashua, Nasir [Nassor, ..], Nat, Natal [Nataly, ..], Nathan [Nathon, ..], Nathaniel [Nethanyel, ..], Navarro [Navarre], Naveed [Navid], Navon, Naylor [Nailor, ..], Nazaire [Nazor, ..], Cornelius [Neely, ..]

Neal [Neel, ..], Neander, Nebo, Neckarios [Nektarius, ..], Edgar [Neddy, ..], Edwin [Neddy, ..], Edmund [Neddie, ..], Edward [Neddie, ..], Ned, Negasi, Nehemiah [Nechemya, ..], Neil [Niles, ..], Nels, Nelson [Nilsson, ..], Nemesio, Nemo, Lorenzo [Nenzo], Neptune, Ner, Nereus [Nereo]

Nesbit [Nisbett, ..], Nestor [Nestorio, ..], Nevada, Nevan [Nevin], Neville [Nevyle, ..], Nevin [Niven, ..], Newbury [Newberry, ..], Newcomb [Newcombe], Newell [Newhall, ..], Newland, Newlin, Newman [Newsy, ..], Newport, Newton, Nezer, Niall [Nial], Niaz, Nicandro [Nikandrios, ..], Nicholas [Nils, ..], Nick [Nykko, ..]

Dominic [Nick], Nickleby, Nico [Nikos, ..], Nicodemus [Nikodim, ..], Nicol, Nicomedes [Nikomedes, ..], Niels, Nigel [Nygel, ..], Nikhil [Nikhel], Nikostratos [Nicostratus, ..], Niles [Nyles, ..], Nimrod, Ninian, Nishan, Nissan [Nisan], Nissim, Nixon, Nizar, Njord, Noah [Norrie, ..]

Noam, Noble, Christmas [Noel], Noel [Nowell, ..], Nolan [Nolyn, ..], Oliver [Noll], Noor [Nur, ..], Norbert [Norberto], Norman [Normie, ..], Norris, Northcliff [Northclyffe, ..], Northrop [Northrup], Norton, Norville [Norvylle, ..], Norvin [Norwynn, ..], Norward [Norwerd], Norwell, Norwood, Novena, Nuncio [Nunzio]

Nuri [Nuris, ..], Nuriel [Nurya, ..], Nuru, Aneirin [Nye], Nyles, Nyree

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