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Na- baby names and what they mean, with 41 results. Na- names are used more often as feminine names. Usage of these boy names reached its apex 13 years ago (USAGE OF 1.2%) and is somewhat less today (USAGE 0.7%, 38.5% LESS), with names like Napoleon becoming somewhat outmoded. Nash (#256) and Nasir (#364) are two of the more fashionable names for newborns in this compilation, while Nass (TOP 10%) and Nasser (6%) are common Na- surnames. Here is the list of Na- names for girls.

Na- names

Naaman - Nalin | Naman - Naylor | Nazaire

Naaman - Nalin

Derived fr. Hebrew word. "Be pleasant." Popular as last name, and Naaman (UPPER 77%) is comparable to popular -man surnames Nachtman (UPPER 46%), Nierman (21%). See also Neuman.

Nabil and variants

Nabil, var. Nabeel
Derivative of Arabic word. "Noble." Nabil is generally used as a children's name compared to Nabeel.

Nachman and variants

Nachman, var. Nahum1, Nachmann, Nacham
From Hebrew element. "Comforter." Nachman (TOP 20%) and Nahum (63%) are found frequently as last names.

Nachshon, var. Nachson
Based on Hebrew. "Adventurous, daring." Nachshon and Nachson are seldom used as boys' names.

Nahum2, Nachum1
Var. of Menachem. Origin fr. Hebrew. "Comforter." Nachum and Nahum are infrequently used masculine names, and Nahum exists often (TOP 63%) as a surname.

Nachum2, var. Nahum3
Origin fr. Hebrew. "Comfort." Less popular today. Nahum was the form last recorded (2012) in the Top 2000.

Nadim, var. Nadeem
Source fr. Arabic word. "Friend." Nadim and Nadeem are rare as masculine names, and Nadeem exists frequently (TOP 26%) as a last name.

Nadir and variants

Nadir, var. Nader, Nadeir, Nadeer
Origin fr. Arabic word. "Rare, scarce." Used somewhat widely as boys' names, Nadir, Nader, etc. are comparable to the conventional Nasir.

Naftali and variants

Naftali, var. Naphthali, Naphtali
Derived fr. Hebrew word. "Struggling." Naphtali and Naphthali are more unusual as boys' names among the variant forms of Naftali.

Nagel, var. Nagler, Nagle, Nagelle, Nageler, Naegel
Derivative of German language. "Nail maker." Nagel (UPPER 2%), Nagle (2%), Nagler (17%) and Naegel (100%) occur often as surnames.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Na- names: Nabil, Nader, Naeem, Naftali, Nahum, Naim

Source fr. Hebrew word. "Ruler, leader." Nagid is not a Top 2000 name. See also Navid.

Nahir, var. Naheer
From Hebrew. "Clear, bright." Nazhir is a somewhat popular kid's name.

Naim and variants

Naim, var. Naeem
Source fr. Arabic element. "To be contented." Naeem (UPPER 23%) and Naim (24%) exist regularly as surnames.

Nairn, var. Nairne
Derived fr. Scottish, Gaelic languages. "River with alder trees." Nairn and Nairne are intermittently used men's names.

Root fr. African word. Place name .. Outside Top 2000. Cross-gender use.

Naisbitt, Naisbit
Forms of Nesbit. Origin fr. Old English element. "Bend shaped like a nose." Naisbit and Naisbitt are not often used as children's names.

Najib, var. Najeeb, Nagib, Nageeb
Derivative of Arabic element. "Distinguished, noble." Navjib and Newjib are creative forms.

Based on Spanish element. Diminutive of Reginald (Old German) counselor .. Outside Top 2000. See also Nardo.

Form of Reginald. Based on Latin element. "Ruler's advisor." Naldo is not a Top 2000 name.

Nalin, var. Nameen
Derived fr. Hindi. "Lotus." Compare surnames Nagin, Nadin.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Na- names for boys.

1. Naaman - Nalin
Naaman, Nabil [Nabeel], Nachman [Nahum, Nacham, Nachmann], Nachshon [Nachson], Menachem [Nahum, Nachum], Nachum [Nahum], Nadim [Nadeem], Nadir [Nader, Nadeir, Nadeer], Naftali [Naphtali, Naphthali], Nagel [Nagle, Nagler, Naegel, Nagelle, Nageler], Nagid, Nahir [Naheer], Naim [Naeem], Nairn [Nairne], Nairobi, Nesbit [Naisbit, Naisbitt], Najib [Nagib, Najeeb, Nageeb], Naldo, Reginald [Naldo], Nalin [Nameen]

Naman, Namir, Ferdinand [Nandy, Nando], Napier, Napoleon [Nap, Napoleone], Narcisse [Narses, Narciso, Narkissos, Narcissus], Nardo, Naren, Nash, Nashua, Nasir [Nasr, Naser, Nassor, Naseer], Nat, Noel [Nata, Natal, Natale], Natal [Nataly, Natale, Natalio, Natalino], Nathan [Nat, Nate, Natan, Nathon, Nathen], Nathaniel [Natty, Nathanyel, Nathanyal, Nathanial, Nathaneal, Nathanael, ..], Navarro [Navarre], Naveed [Navid], Navon, Naylor [Nailor, Nailer]

Nazaire [Nazor, Nazaro, Nazario, Nasareo, Nazarius, Nasarrio]

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