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P baby names and what they mean, with 149 results. The trendier baby names in this list are Paxton (#221), Phoenix (#252), Porter (#417), Prince (#318) and Princeton (#406), while Ponder (TOP 2%) and Poirier (2%) are popular P- last names. Here is the list of P- names for girls.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of P- names: Pablo, Page, Paige, Palmer, Payne

Pablo and variants

Pablo, var. Pablos
Root fr. Spanish, Latin elements. "Little." Common as surnames, and Pablo (UPPER 5%) is similar to popular -lo last names Nablo (UPPER 99%), Padlo (41%).

Pace, var. Payce, Paice
Stems fr. Hebrew. "Passover." Pate is a somewhat common birth name.

Derivative of Spanish, Latin elements. "Peace." Ceciano and Paciaco are creative variations.

Pacifico, var. Pacificus
Origin fr. Spanish, Latin elements. "Calm, tranquil." Not in Top 2000.

Packard, var. Packert, Packer
Packard, Packer and Packert were not among 2018's Top names.

Paco1, var. Pacorro1
Derived fr. Spanish, Latin languages. "From France." Paco and Pacorro are unusual as baby names.

Proinsias, Paquito, Pancho1, Pacorro2, Panchito, Paco2
Var. of Francis. Stems fr. Latin element. "Frenchman." Paco and variants are not Top 2000 names.

Paddy, var. Padraig, Padraic, Paddie, Paddey
Derived fr. Irish, Latin words. "Noble, patrician." Paddie (TOP 40%) and Paddy (32%) appear often as surnames.

Root fr. Latin element. "Countryman." Unisex name. Not Top 2000 name.

Page and variants

Page, var. Payge, Paige, Pagett, Padgett, Paget, Padget
Derivative of French language. .. May be used to indicate an .. Page and Paige are more prevalent as children's names among these versions.

Derivative of Hebrew word. "God disposes." Pagiel is unique as a children's name. See also Pazel.

Paine and variants

Paine, var. Payne, Pain
Root fr. Latin. "Countryman, rustic villager, peasant." Pain and Paine are more rarefied as boys' names.

Derived fr. Scottish language. Place name .. Not much used as a baby name, Paisley is used more conventionally as a last name. Also a girls' name.

Paladio, var. Palladius
Based on Spanish, Greek. "Follower of Pallas." Outside Top 2000.

Origin fr. Old English language. .. CBS founder William Paley. Pacey (TOP 27%), Pauley (2%) are familiar last names. See also Peleh.

Palila, var. Pali
Source fr. Hawaiian. "Bird." Palila and Pali are uncommon as boys' names.

Palmer and variants

Palmer, var. Palmerston, Palmar, Pallmer
Origin fr. Old English element. "Pilgrim." Usage of Palmer, Palmerston, etc. as baby names in 2018 was 1% less than the year before.

Based on Latin. "Dove." A quirky baby name, Palomo exists more frequently as a surname. See also Salomo.

Paltiel, var. Platyahu, Platya
Stems fr. Hebrew element. "God is my deliverance." Outside Top 2000.

Stems fr. Spanish. Nickname for Francisco or Frank. Pancho is unique as a given name, existing often (UPPER 43%) as a surname.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for P- names for boys.

1. Pablo - Pancho
Pablo [Pablos], Pace [Payce, ..], Paciano, Pacifico [Pacificus], Packard [Packert, ..], Paco [Pacorro], Francis [Proinsias, ..], Paddy [Padraig, ..], Pagan, Page [Payge, ..], Pagiel, Paine [Payne, ..], Paisley, Paladio [Palladius], Paley, Palila [Pali], Palmer [Palmerston, ..], Palomo, Paltiel [Platyahu, ..], Pancho

Paquito [Paco], Paris [Parris], Parker [Parks, ..], Parkins [Parkin, ..], Parmenio [Parmenius, ..], Parnell [Parrnell, ..], Parr, Parrish [Parriss, ..], Parry [Parrie, ..], Parsons [Persons, ..], Parthalan [Pathalan], Parthenios [Parthenius], Parton, Parvaiz [Parwiz, ..], Pascal [Pasquale, ..], Patrick [Pink, ..], Patterson [Pattison, ..], Patton [Pattin, ..], Paul [Poul, ..], Pawnee

Paxton [Paxtun, ..], Pazel [Paz], Peabody, Peak, Peale [Pealle, ..], Beasley [Peasly, ..], Pedahel [Pedayel, ..], Pedro [Pietro, ..], Peel [Peele], Pekelo, Pelagios [Pelayo, ..], Peleh, Pelham [Pellam], Felix [Pelike], Pell [Pall], Pembroke [Pembrook], Pendleton, Penley [Pennley, ..], Penn [Pen], Jose [Pepito, ..]

Joseph [Pipo, ..], Pepper, Percival [Purcell, ..], Percy [Percie, ..], Perdido, Peregrine [Peregryn, ..], Peretz [Perez], Perfecto, Pericles, Perkin [Perrin, ..], Perl, Pernell, Perry [Perrie, ..], Perseus, Pesach [Pessach], Peter [Pyotr, ..], Petuel, Peverell [Peveril, ..], Peyton [Payton, ..], Faramond [Pharamund, ..]

Alphonse [Phonz, ..], Faolan [Phelan], Phelan [Phelim], Felim [Phelim], Phelps, Philander, Fulbright [Phillbert, ..], Filbert [Phillbert, ..], Philemon, Philip [Pippo, ..], Philo, Finnian [Phinian, ..], Phineas [Pinkus, ..], Phipps [Phips, ..], Phoebus [Phoibos], Phoenix [Phenix], Fyfe [Phyfe], Pickford, Pierce [Piersson, ..], Pierre [Piers, ..]

Piers [Piersson, ..], Pike [Pyke], Pio [Pius], Felipe [Pippo, ..], Piper, Pitney [Pittney], Pitt, Placido [Plasedo, ..], Plantagenet, Plato [Platon], Platt, Pluto, Pollard [Pollyrd, ..], Pollock [Polloch, ..], Pollux, Pomeroy [Pommeroy, ..], Pompeo [Pomponio, ..], Ponce, Pons [Ponthus, ..], Pope

Porat, Porfirio [Prophyrios, ..], Poriel, Porter, Porthos, Portland, Poseidon, Potter, Powell [Powel], Powhatan, Pradeep, Pratap, Pratt, Prentice [Prentiss, ..], Prescott [Prestcott, ..], Presley [Priestly, ..], Preston, Prewitt [Pruitt, ..], Price [Pryce], Primo [Prime, ..]

Prince [Prinze, ..], Procopio [Prokopios, ..], Proctor [Procter, ..], Prosper [Prosperus, ..], Proteus, Proverb, Prudencio [Prudentius], Pryor [Prior], Purvis [Purviss, ..]

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