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Ph- baby names and what they mean, with 18 results. Ph- names are used more often as feminine names. These boy names were at the height of their popularity 8 decades ago (ADOPTION OF 0.6%) and are now much less common (ADOPTION 0.2%, 73.4% LESS), with names like Phillip going out of style. Phoenix (#252) is the most chic boy name here, while Phon (TOP 44%) and Phang (21%) are popular Ph- last names. Here is the list of Ph- names for girls.

Ph- names

Pharamond - Phyfe

Pharamund, Pharamond
Var. of Faramond. Based on Old English word. "Traveler's protection." Not in popularity charts.

Phonz, Phons, Phauns
Forms of Alphonse. Based on Old German. "Ready for battle." Phong is a marginally favored kid's name.

Phelan1, var. Phelim1
Root fr. Irish, Gaelic word. "Like a wolf." Phelan (TOP 2%), like Pullan (TOP 34%), Pabalan (49%), is a common -lan suffix last name.

Var. of Faolan. Root fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Wolf." Polan and Purlan are creative forms.

Form of Felim. Root fr. Irish, Gaelic language. "Ever good." Rare. Phelim is not found in the US Census.

Derivative of Old English language. "Son of Philip." Compare surnames Phelts (UPPER 85%), Pheips (94%). See also Philips.

Stems fr. Greek word. "Loving mankind." A rare children's name.

Fulbright and variants

Phillbert1, Philibert1, Philbert1
Forms of Fulbright. From Old German. "Very bright." Philbert, Philibert and Phillbert are barely found as men's names.

Phillbert2, Philibert2, Philbert2
Var. of Filbert. Derived fr. Old German. "Very bright." Philibert and Phillbert are more rarefied as boys' names among the forms of Filbert.

Root fr. Greek. "Loving." Outside Top 2000.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ph- names: Phil, Philbert, Philip, Philippe, Phillip

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ph- names: Phillips, Philo, Phineas, Phoenix

Philip and variants

Philip, var. Phyllip, Philly, Phillips, Phillip, Philippus, Philips1, Philippos, Philippe, Philipp, Phil
Derived fr. Greek. "Horse lover." Phillips and forms were favored by parents during 1940-1949 and have become less widespread, with Phillip becoming less trendy.


Derivative of Greek language. "Love." Somewhat unfamiliar as a baby name, Philo occurs more frequently as a last name. See also Thilo.

Phinian, Phinean
Forms of Finnian. Derivative of Irish, Gaelic word. "White, fair." Not in Top 2000.

Phineas and variants

Phineas, var. Phinehas
Possibly from the Hebrew name Pinchas .. Phinehas and forms are at the apex of their popularity today.

Phipps, var. Phips, Philipson, Philips2
Source fr. Old English. "Son of Philip." Outside Top 2000.

Phoebus, var. Phoibos
Based on Greek language. "Bright, radiant." Not Top 2000 names.

Phoenix and variants

Phoenix, var. Phenix
Source fr. Greek language. "Dark red." Phoenix (UPPER 7%) and Phenix (17%) occur commonly as last names.

Var. of Fyfe. Source fr. Scottish, Gaelic languages. .. Fifeshire is an area of Scotland. Outside Top 2000.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Ph- names for boys.

1. Pharamond - Phyfe
Faramond [Pharamund, Pharamond], Alphonse [Phonz, Phons, Phauns], Phelan [Phelim], Faolan [Phelan], Felim [Phelim], Phelps, Philander, Fulbright [Philbert, Phillbert, Philibert], Filbert [Philbert, Phillbert, Philibert], Philemon, Philip [Philly, Phyllip, Phillip, Philips, Phillips, Philippe, Philippus, Philippos, ..], Philo, Finnian [Phinian, Phinean], Phineas [Phinehas], Phipps [Phips, Philips, Philipson], Phoebus [Phoibos], Phoenix [Phenix], Fyfe [Phyfe]

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