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Pi- baby names and what they mean, with 16 results. Pi- names are used more often as masculine names. These boy names are at the height of their popularity presently (USAGE OF 0.05%), except for names such as Pink which have become somewhat outmoded. Pierce (#491) is the most contemporarily stylish baby name among these, while Ping (TOP 7%) and Pipes (6%) are common Pi- last names. Here is the list of Pi- names for girls.

Pi- names

Pickford - Pitt

Root fr. Old English language. "From the ford at the peak." Popular as last name. Compare Pickford (UPPER 15%) and common -rd last names Pigford (UPPER 14%), Pickard (2%).

Peter and variants

Piotr, Pietro1, Pieter, Piet, Piero1, Pierre1, Pierce1
Var. of Peter. From Greek. "Rock." Adoption of Pierce and variants as children's names in 2018 was up 13.1% compared to 2017.

Pierce and variants

Pierce2, var. Piersson1, Pierson1, Piers1
Root fr. English, Greek words. "Rock." Usage of Pierson and forms soared 2 years ago and has remained conventional.

Pedro and variants

Pietro2, Piero2
Forms of Pedro. Derived fr. Spanish, Portuguese. .. Filmmaker Pedro Almodovar. Pietro (UPPER 19%) and Piero (75%) are found regularly as surnames.

Pierre and variants

Pierre2, var. Piers2
Root fr. French. .. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Pierre and Piers became more popular in 2018, rising +135 rankings as children's names with Pierre leading the upswing.

Piers3, var. Piersson2, Pierson2, Pierce3
Based on Greek element. "Rock." Piers, Pierce, etc. became more trendy in 2018, gaining on average +63 positions as children's names with Pierson rising the most.

Source fr. English element. "A spear." Pike is not often adopted as a boys' name. See also Page.

Pippo1, Pip1, Pilipo
Forms of Philip. Stems fr. Greek element. "Horse lover." Piippo (TOP 80%), Pipho (72%) are popular surnames.

Pinkus, Pinhas, Pincus, Pinchos, Pincas, Pinchas
Var. of Phineas. Possibly from the Hebrew name Pinchas .. Picas and Piocas are creative variations.


Var. of Patrick. Derivative of Latin word. "Patrician, noble." Pink is commonly used as a birth name compared to other forms. See also Pino.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Pi- names: Pierce, Pierre, Pierson, Pietro, Pink

Pipo, Pino
Var. of Joseph. Derivative of Hebrew. "Jehovah increases." Pino and Pipo are rare as birth names.

Pio, var. Pius
Source fr. Latin language. "Pious." Pio and Pius are not Top 2000 names.

Pippo2, Pip2
Forms of Felipe. Origin fr. Spanish, Greek elements. "Lover of horses." Not in popularity charts.

Root fr. Old English language. "One who plays the pipes." Also used for girls. Not that popular as a birth name, Piper is found more often as a surname.

Pitney, var. Pittney
Based on Old English language. "Island of the stubborn one." Pitney and Pittney are unusual as birth names.

Based on Old English. "Pit, ditch." Pitt was not a Top birth name in 2018. See also Witt.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Pi- names for boys.

1. Pickford - Pitt
Pickford, Peter [Piet, Piotr, Piero, Pietro, Pieter, Pierre, Pierce], Pierce [Piers, Pierson, Piersson], Pedro [Piero, Pietro], Pierre [Piers], Piers [Pierce, Pierson, Piersson], Pike, Philip [Pip, Pippo, Pilipo], Phineas [Pinkus, Pinhas, Pincus, Pincas, Pinchos, Pinchas], Patrick [Pink], Joseph [Pipo, Pino], Pio [Pius], Felipe [Pip, Pippo], Piper, Pitney [Pittney], Pitt

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