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R baby names and what they mean, with 261 results. The trendier baby names in this list are Rhett (#167), River (#197), Roman (#85), Rowan (#129) and Ryker (#122), while Reich (TOP 2%) and Rood (3%) are popular R- last names. Here is the list of R- names for girls.

Rabi - Ragnar | Rahim - Rand | Randall - Raul | Raven - Reginald | Reginn - Renton | Renwick - Rice | .. - .. | Ryu

Rabi - Ragnar

Top 2000 baby names ranking of R- names: Radford, Radley, Rafael, Rafe, Rahim, Raphael

Rabi, var. Rabee, Rabbi
Derived fr. Arabic element. "Gentle wind." Raji is a slightly prominent baby name.

Racham and variants

Racham, var. Rahim, Raham, Rachim
Stems fr. Hebrew element. "Mercy, compassion." Popular, and Racham, Raham (98%) are similar to common surnames Ream (UPPER 3%), Ratnam (77%), which also end with -am.

Radd, Rad1
Var. of Elrad. Based on Old English, Hebrew. "Noble counsel; God rules." Rade (TOP 47%), Rady (18%) are conventional surnames.

Derivative of Old English element. "Adviser." Not in Top 2000.

Derived fr. Egyptian language. The name given to the Egyptian .. Radames is not a Top 2000 name.

Derived fr. Old English language. "Bright adviser." A rare boys' name. See also Radferd.

Radburn, var. Radburne, Radbourne, Radbourn, Radborn, Radborne
Based on Old English language. "Red brook." Raburn and Roxburn are creative forms.

Radcliff, var. Ratcliffe, Ratcliff, Radclyffe, Radcliffe
Derivative of Old English word. "Red cliff." Ratcliff (TOP 2%), Radcliff (4%), Radcliffe (4%) and Ratcliffe (5%) exist commonly as last names.

Origin fr. Slavic element. Variant of Roderick (Old German) famous .. Outside Top 2000.

Radford and variants

Radford, var. Redford, Radfurd, Radferd
From Old English language. "From the reedy ford; red ford." Usage of Radferd and variants was elevated a century ago.

Origin fr. Slavic. "Famous joy." Radimir is uncommon as a baby name.

Radley and variants

Radley, var. Radly, Radleigh, Radlee, Radlea
Root fr. Old English language. "Meadow of reeds; red meadow." Radley, Radlee, etc. are rarely found as given names, and Radley is found often (TOP 10%) as a surname.

Derived fr. Old English word. "Reedy shore; red shore." Radnor is an atypical male name. See also Rainor.

Origin fr. Arabic. "Pleasure, satisfaction." Unique. Radwan, similar to Reuban, Roban, uses the favored -an ending.

Rafael and variants

Rafael, var. Raphael, Raffaello, Raffaelo, Rafello, Rafer1, Rafel, Rafe1, Rafa
Stems fr. Spanish, Hebrew elements. "God has healed." Rafael and Raphael are fashionable versions.

Rafe and variants

Rafe2, var. Rafer2
From Old German. "Counsel of the wolf." Unique. Rafe and Rafer are not found in the US Demographics.

Rafferty, var. Raffertey, Raffarty, Raferty
From Irish, Gaelic word. "Prosperity wielder." Raffarty and variants were not among 2018's Top names.

Rafi1, var. Raffy, Raffi, Rafee
From Arabic language. "Holding high." Raffi and variants are not Top 2000 names.

Rafiq, var. Rafik, Rafi2
Origin fr. Arabic language. "Friend." Outside Top 2000.

Ragnar, var. Reiner, Regner, Raynor, Rainier, Rayner, Rainer, Ragnor
Derivative of Old Norse word. "Judgment warrior." Not in Top 2000.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for R- names for boys.

1. Rabi - Ragnar
Rabi [Rabee, ..], Racham [Rahim, ..], Elrad [Radd, ..], Rad, Radames, Radbert, Radburn [Radburne, ..], Radcliff [Ratcliffe, ..], Radek, Radford [Redford, ..], Radimir, Radley [Radly, ..], Radnor, Radwan, Rafael [Raphael, ..], Rafe [Rafer], Rafferty [Raffertey, ..], Rafi [Raffy, ..], Rafiq [Rafik, ..], Ragnar [Reiner, ..]

Rahim [Rahiem, ..], Rai, Raiden, Rainart [Renke, ..], Rainer [Reiner, ..], Raines [Raynes, ..], Rajan [Rajah, ..], Rajiv, Raleigh [Rawly, ..], Ralph [Rolph, ..], Ralston, Ram [Ramos, ..], Rami [Ramy, ..], Ramiro [Ramirez], Ramon [Raymon, ..], Ramsay [Ramzi, ..], Ramsden, Ramses [Ramzan, ..], Rance [Rancell, ..], Rand

Randall [Rendell, ..], Randi, Randolph [Ranulfo, ..], Randy [Randie, ..], Ranger [Range, ..], Ranjit [Ranjeet], Rankin [Rankinn, ..], Ransford, Ransley [Ransly, ..], Ransom [Ransome], Raoul [Rowl, ..], Raphael [Ravel, ..], Erasmus [Rasmus, ..], Rashad [Rashod, ..], Rashaun [Rayshawn, ..], Rashid [Rasheyd, ..], Rasmus, Rastus, Erastus [Rastus], Raul [Raoul]

Raven [Rayvin, ..], Ravi [Ravee], Rawlins [Rawson, ..], Ray [Reigh, ..], Rayburn [Rayburne, ..], Raymond [Reymundo, ..], Raynor [Renier, ..], Raziel, Read [Reide, ..], Reading [Reiding, ..], Redford [Redfurd, ..], Redley [Redly, ..], Redman, Redmond [Redmund, ..], Reece [Rice, ..], Reed [Reyd, ..], Reeve [Reve, ..], Refugio, Regan [Regen, ..], Reginald [Ronald, ..]

Reginn [Regin], Regino, Regis, Rei [Reizo], Reid [Redd, ..], Reilly [Reilley], Reis, Remedio, Remington, Remus, Remy [Remy, ..], Ren [Renny, ..], Rene [Renne, ..], Renfred, Renfrew, Renjiro, Renny [Rennie], Reno, Renshaw [Renishaw], Renton

Renwick, Renzo, Reuben [Ruby, ..], Reuel [Ruel], Rex [Reyes], Rexford, Rexton, Rey [Reyni, ..], Reynard [Reynardo, ..], Reynold [Rinaldo, ..], Rhett, Rhinebeck [Rheinbeck], Rhinelander [Rheinlander], Rhodes [Rodas, ..], Rhydderch, Rhys, Frederick [Rikki, ..], Broderick [Ricky, ..], Aric [Ricky, ..], Rice [Rhys]

Aldrich [Ritchy, ..], Richard [Ryszard, ..], Richmond, Rick [Rique, ..], Theodoric [Rick], Ulric [Rick], Cedric [Ricky, ..], Eric [Rikky, ..], Rickward [Rickwood, ..], Ricky [Ricki, ..], Rico, Henry [Rico], Rider [Ryder, ..], Ridge [Rigg], Ridgeley [Ridgleigh, ..], Ridgeway, Ridley [Ridly, ..], Marino [Rinus, ..], Andre [Ries], Rigel

Rigoberto [Rigobert], Riley [Ryley, ..], Ring [Ringo], Rinji, Rio [Reo], Riordan [Reardon, ..], Rip, Ripley [Riply, ..], Rishon, Risley [Risly, ..], Riston, Rito, Ritter, River [Rivers], Rives, Riyad [Riyadh], Roald, Roark [Ruark, ..], Rob [Robby, ..], Robert [Ruprecht, ..]

Robin [Robyn, ..], Robinson [Robson, ..], Rocco [Roque, ..], Rochester [Rock], Rocio, Rock [Rocky], Rockley [Rockly, ..], Rocklin, Rockwell, Rocky [Roque, ..], Rod, Rodel [Rodell], Rodeo, Roderick [Ruy, ..], Rodman [Rodmann], Rodney [Rodnie, ..], Rodolfo [Roldolpho, ..], Rodrigo, Roe [Rowe, ..], Rogan

Roger [Ruttger, ..], Rohan [Royan, ..], Roland [Rowland, ..], Orlando [Rolando, ..], Rolf [Rowland, ..], Earl [Rollo], Errol [Rollo], Rollo, Roman [Rome, ..], Romeo, Romney, Romulus [Romolo], Cameron [Ron], Aaron [Ronny, ..], Ronald [Ronny, ..], Ronan, Ronel [Ronnell, ..], Ronson, Rooney [Rowney, ..], Roosevelt

Roper, Rory [Rorry, ..], Rosario, Roscoe [Rosscoe, ..], Roshan, Roslin [Rosslyn, ..], Ross [Rosston, ..], Roth [Rothe], Rothwell, Rourke [Rorke, ..], Rousseau [Russo, ..], Rover, Rowan [Rowen, ..], Rowdon, Rowdy, Rowell, Rowley [Rowly, ..], Roxbert, Roxbury [Roxburghe], Leroy [Roy]

Roy [Ruy, ..], Elroy [Roy], Royal [Royle, ..], Royce [Roice], Royden [Roydon, ..], Royston, Rozen, Ruben [Rubino, ..], Rubio, Rudd, Rudiger, Rudolph [Rudy, ..], Rudy [Rudi, ..], Rudyard, Rufaro, Rufino [Ruffino], Ruford [Rufford], Rufus [Rufous, ..], Rugby, Rumford

Rune, Rupert [Ruprecht], Rurik, Rush, Rushford, Rushkin, Russell [Russel, ..], Ruston [Russton, ..], Rusty [Rustyn], Rutherford [Rutherfurd], Rutland, Rutledge [Routledge], Rutley, Ryan [Ryun, ..], Rycroft [Ryecroft], Ryder [Ryden, ..], Rye, Ryker [Riker], Ryland [Rylan, ..], Ryley [Ryleigh]

14. Ryu

Ryu [Ryuu]

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