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Sal- baby names and what they mean, with 10 results. Sal- names are used more often as feminine names. These boy names were at the peak of their popularity in the 1920s (ADOPTION OF 0.12%) and have become much less conventional since (ADOPTION 0.05%, 57% LESS), with names like Salvatore becoming less in vogue. Salter (TOP 2%) and Saltz (12%) are conventional Sal- last names.

Sal- names

Saladin - Salvio

Source fr. Arabic word. "Righteousness of the religion." Popular as last name, and Saladin (TOP 16%) is similar to common -din last names Paladin (TOP 59%), Schedin (79%).


Based on Hebrew. "Peace." Popular as a children's name, Salem is similar to the conventional Selim.

Salim and variants

Salim, var. Salem2, Saleem
From Arabic word. "Peaceful." Saleem and Salem are more commonly used as baby names compared to Salim.

Salisbury, var. Salisberry, Salisbery
Origin fr. Middle English. .. Place name. Salisbury, Salisbery and Salisberry are rarely found as male names, and Salisbury is found commonly (UPPER 2%) as a last name.


Stems fr. Arabic word. "Security, safety." Common children's name (#1403 LAST YEAR), Salman also occurs frequently as a surname. See also Zalman.

Var. of Zalman. Derived fr. Hebrew language. Variant of Solomon .. Salman is an unusual masculine name, existing frequently (TOP 10%) as a last name. See also Soloman.

Solomon and variants

Salomone, Salomon, Salomo, Salmon
Forms of Solomon. Derived fr. Hebrew language. "Peace." Less popular today. Salomon was the version last found (2007) in the Top 2000.

From Old English language. "Manor settlement; willow settlement." Salmon (TOP 2%), Salto (20%) are conventional last names. See also Seldon.

Salvador and variants

Salvador, var. Salvino, Salvidor, Salvatore, Salvator, Sal
Derivative of Latin language. "Savior." Salvidor and forms rose in popularity in the 1920s and are now less common, with Salvatore going out of style.

Salvio, var. Salviatus, Salviano, Salvian
Source fr. Latin language. "Saved." Salvian and variants are barely found as men's names, and Salvio is found often (TOP 43%) as a surname.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Sal- names for boys.

1. Saladin - Salvio
Saladin, Salem, Salim [Salem, Saleem], Salisbury [Salisbery, Salisberry], Salman, Zalman [Salman], Solomon [Salomo, Salmon, Salomon, Salomone], Salton, Salvador [Sal, Salvino, Salvidor, Salvator, Salvatore], Salvio [Salvian, Salviano, Salviatus]

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