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Se- baby names and what they mean, with 64 results. These boy names were at the apex of their popularity in the year 2000 (USAGE OF 1.09%) and are somewhat less common today (USAGE 0.75%, 31.3%), with names such as Seymour becoming somewhat outmoded. Sebastian (#18) is the most fashionable baby name among these, while Seiber (TOP 9%) and Seibel (5%) are common Se- last names. Here is the list of Se- names for girls.

Se- names

Seabert - Sedric | Seeley - Selwyn | Seminole - Seward | Sewell - Seymour

Seabert - Sedric

Seabert, var. Seibert, Sebert, Seabright
Source fr. Old English. "Shining sea." Seabert, Sebert, Seibert (cf. Sibert, Sybert) are common -bert suffix surnames.

Seabrook, var. Seabrooke
From Old English. "Stream near the sea." Not Top 2000 names.

Source fr. Old English word. "Settlement near the sea." Seabury is unique as a given name, existing regularly (TOP 19%) as a surname.

Var. of Saahdia. Derived fr. Aramaic word. "The Lord's help." Sepdya and Sevdya are creative forms.

Origin fr. Gaelic element. "Admirable." Seaghdha is not in the Top 2000.

Animal name .. Not much used as a boys' name, Seal is used more often as a surname. See also Sill.

From Old English. "Mariner." Not Top 2000 name. See also Shanan.


Form of Jacob. Origin fr. Hebrew. "He who supplants." Seamus was favored as a baby name 10 years ago and is less common today. See also Seumus.

Var. of James. From Hebrew element. "He who supplants." Adoption of Seamus was elevated in 2008 and is less today. See also Semmes.

Seamus3, var. Seumus, Seumas
Derivative of Irish, Hebrew elements. "He who supplants." Seamus is commonplace as a birth name among these versions.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Se- names: Seamus, Sean, Sebastian, Sebastien, Sedric, Sedrick

John and variants

Seann, Sean1
Forms of John. Root fr. Hebrew. "God is gracious." Adoption of Sean and Seann as children's names in 2018 was 8.9% less than a year ago.

Sean2, var. Seanpatrick, Seanmark, Seancarlo
Source fr. Irish, Hebrew elements. "God is gracious." Usage of Sean as a boys' name has decreased circa 1990.

Root fr. Old English element. "Armor." Searle is a sparsely used given name, existing often (TOP 5%) as a surname.

Sezar, Seasar
Forms of Caesar. Derivative of Latin. "Head of hair." Outside Top 2000.

Seaton, var. Seton, Seeton
Source fr. Old English element. "Town by the sea." Not in Top 2000.

Sebastian and variants

Sebastian, var. Sebo, Sebestyen, Sebastien, Sebastiano, Seb
Based on Greek element. "Revered." Sebastian, Sebastien, etc. became more popular in 2018, gaining +16 rankings as baby names with Sebastien rising the most.

Secondo, var. Segundo
Derivative of Italian language. "Second son." Outside Top 2000.

Sedgley, var. Sedgely, Sedgeley
From Old English. "Sword meadow." Sedgley, Sedgeley and Sedgely are not often adopted as birth names.

Sedgwick, var. Sedgwyck, Sedgewyck, Sedgewick
Derivative of Old English. "Sword place." Not Top 2000 names.

Cedric and variants

Sedrik, Sedrick, Sedric
Forms of Cedric. Source fr. Old English element. "Kind and loved." Sedric, Sedrick and Sedrik are seldom found as masculine names, and Sedrick is found regularly (UPPER 81%) as a surname.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Se- names for boys.

1. Seabert - Sedric
Seabert [Sebert, Seibert, Seabright], Seabrook [Seabrooke], Seabury, Saahdia [Seadya], Seaghdha, Seal, Seaman, Jacob [Seamus], James [Seamus], Seamus [Seumus, Seumas], John [Sean, Seann], Sean [Seanmark, Seancarlo, Seanpatrick], Searle, Caesar [Sezar, Seasar], Seaton [Seton, Seeton], Sebastian [Sebo, Sebestyen, Sebastien, Sebastiano, ..], Secondo [Segundo], Sedgley [Sedgely, Sedgeley], Sedgwick [Sedgwyck, Sedgewyck, Sedgewick], Cedric [Sedrik, Sedric, Sedrick]

Seeley [Seely, Seelye, Sealey], Seferino [Sephirio, Sebarino], Sefton, Seger [Segar, Seeger, Seager], Sagiv [Segev], Saguaro [Seguaro], Segundo [Secondo], Sigmund [Seigmond, Segismond], Seiji, Sela [Selah], Selby [Selbey], Seldon [Selden, Sellden], Celesto [Selestino, Selestine], Selig [Seligman, Seligmann], Zelig [Selig], Salim [Selim], Selkirk, Sellers [Sellars], Anselm [Selmo], Selwyn [Selwin, Selwinn, Selwynn, Selwynne]

Seminole, Simmons [Semmes], Sander [Sender], Seneca, Senior, Sennett [Sennet], George [Seoras, Seoirse], Joseph [Sepp, Seppi], Septimus, Sequoia [Sequoya, Sequoyah], Seraphim [Seraph, Serafin, Serafino, Seraphimus], Sereno, Sargent [Sergent, Serjeant, Sergeant], Sergio [Serjio, Serguei, Sergius, Sergiusz, ..], Servas [Servaas, Servatus, Servacio], Seth, Seton, Severin [Severo, Sevrin, Seweryn, Severinus, ..], Severn [Severne], Seward [Sewerd]

Sewell [Sewall, Sewald], Sexton, Sextus [Sesto], Seymour [Seamor, Seymore, Seamour, Seamore]

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