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W baby names and what they mean, with 181 results. The most trendy baby names in this compilation are Walker (#266), Waylon (#142), Wesley (#105), Weston (#102) and Wyatt (#26), while Wall (TOP 1%) and Wiles (2%) are common W- last names. Here is the list of W- names for girls.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of W- names: Wade, Waldemar, Walden, Waldo, Waldon, Wayde

Wade and variants

Wade, var. Waydell, Wayde, Wadell, Waddell
Based on Old English, Scandinavian elements. "Able to go; river ford." Waden is also a slightly prominent baby name.

Derivative of Old English word. "Ford village." Unusual, but Wadham is similar to common last names Windham (TOP 2%), Woodham (7%), which also end with -dham.

Wadley, var. Wadly, Wadleigh
Based on Old English element. "Ford meadow." Wadleigh (UPPER 17%) and Wadley (6%) exist frequently as last names.

Wadsworth, var. Waddsworth
Stems fr. Old English. "Village near the ford." Unique. Wadsworth, Waddsworth, similar to Walworth, end with the unconventional masculine-sounding -rth.

Wagner, var. Wagoner, Waggoner
Root fr. German language. "Wagon-builder." Rare as boys' names, but Wagner, Waggoner, etc. are comparable to the more conventional Warner.

Wahib, var. Waheeb
Derived fr. Arabic. "Giver, donor." Wahib and Waheeb were not Top birth names in 2018.

Wainwright, var. Waynwright, Waynewright, Wayneright, Wainright, Wainewright
From Old English language. "Wagon-builder." Outside Top 2000.

Waite, var. Wayte, Waits, Waights
From Middle English language. "Guard, watchman." Rare as children's names, but Waite, Wayte, etc. are comparable to the more conventional Wayne.

Derived fr. Old English word. "Damp field." A unique birth name, Wakefield exists more commonly as a surname.

Wakeley, var. Wakely, Wakeleigh, Wakelea
From Old English. "Damp meadow." Wakely and variants are unusual as boys' names.

Wakeman, var. Wake
From Old English language. "Watchman." Wakeman and Wake are seldom used as children's names.

Walcott, var. Wolcott, Wallcott, Wallcot
Source fr. Old English. "Cottage by the wall." Walcott (UPPER 5%) and Wolcott (4%) appear commonly as last names.

Based on German. "Woods, forest." Wald is not frequently adopted as a birth name. See also Waldi.


Based on Old German word. "Renowned ruler." Somewhat uncommon as a boys' name, Waldemar occurs more frequently as a surname.

Var. of Valdemar. Derived fr. Old German language. "Renowned leader." Less popular today. Waldemar was last found in the 1930s in the Top 2000.

Walden and variants

Walden1, var. Waldon, Waldi, Waldenn
From Old English language. "Wooded valley." Walden (TOP 1%) and Waldon (5%) are found often as surnames.


Form of Oswald. Derived fr. Old German word. "God's power." Waldo is a common (UPPER 81%) masculine name, and appears commonly (UPPER 4%) as a last name. See also Waldi.

Waldo and variants

Waldo2, var. Waldron1, Walden2
Origin fr. Old German word. "Rule." Waldron and variants were popular with parents in the 1910s.

Waldorf, var. Waldorp
Derivative of German word. "Village in the woods." Waldorf and Waldorp are unusual as baby names.

Derived fr. Old German. "Powerful raven." Waldron is not often used as a boys' name.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for W- names for boys.

1. Wade - Waldron
Wade [Waydell, ..], Wadham, Wadley [Wadly, ..], Wadsworth [Waddsworth], Wagner [Wagoner, ..], Wahib [Waheeb], Wainwright [Waynwright, ..], Waite [Wayte, ..], Wakefield, Wakeley [Wakely, ..], Wakeman [Wake], Walcott [Wolcott, ..], Wald, Waldemar, Valdemar [Waldemar], Walden [Waldon, ..], Oswald [Waldo], Waldo [Waldron, ..], Waldorf [Waldorp], Waldron

Waldwick [Waldwyck], Walford, Walfred [Walfried], Walid [Waleed], Walker, Wallace [Welsh, ..], Waller, Wally, Walsh, Walter [Watkins, ..], Waltham, Walton, Walworth, Walwyn [Welwyn, ..], Wanamaker [Wannamaker], Wapiti, Warburton, Ward [Worden, ..], Howard [Ward], Wardell

Wardley [Wardleigh, ..], Ware, Warfield, Warford, Varick [Warrick, ..], Warley, Warner [Wernher, ..], Warren [Warriner, ..], Warton [Wharton], Warwick [Warrick, ..], Washburn [Washburne, ..], Washington, Wasim, Basil [Wassily], Vasilis [Wassily], Waterford, Watkins, Watson, Watt [Watts], Waunakee

Waverley [Waverley, ..], Wayland [Wylan, ..], Wayne [Wayn, ..], Weaver, Webb [Webster, ..], Webley, Webster [Weeb, ..], Wedgwood [Wedgewood], Weissman [Weissmann], Welborne [Wellburn, ..], Welby [Wellby, ..], Weldon [Welldon, ..], Welford [Wellford], Wellington, Wells, Welton, Wenceslaus [Wiencyslaw, ..], Wendell [Wendel, ..], Wentworth, Werner [Wernher, ..]

Wesley [Westley, ..], Westbrook [Westbrooke, ..], Westby [Westbie, ..], Westcott [Westcot, ..], Westerly [Westerley], Weston [Westin, ..], Wetherby [Wetherbie, ..], Wetherell [Wethrill, ..], Wetherly [Wetherley, ..], Wharton [Warton], Wheatley [Wheatly, ..], Wheaton, Wheeler, Wheelwright, Whistler, Whitbeck, Whitby [Whitebie, ..], Whitcomb [Whitcumb, ..], White [Whitey], Whitehead

Whitelaw [Whitlaw], Whitfield, Whitford, Whitley, Whitlock, Whitman, Whitmore [Wittemore, ..], Whitney, Whittaker [Whitaker, ..], Wickham, Wickley, Wilbert [Wilburt, ..], Wilbur [Willbur, ..], Wilder [Wilde, ..], Wiley [Wylie, ..], Wilford, Wilfred [Willfryd, ..], Wilkes [Willkie, ..], Wilkinson [Willkinson, ..], Willard [Willerd]

Willet [Willett, ..], William [Wim, ..], Willie [Willy, ..], Willis [Willy, ..], Willoughby [Willughby, ..], Wilmer [Wylmer, ..], Wilson [Willson], Wilton, Elwin [Wynn, ..], Vincent [Wincenty], Windsor [Wyndsor, ..], Winfield [Wynnsfield, ..], Wingate, Winslow, Winsted [Winstead], Winston [Wynston, ..], Winter [Winters], Winthrop, Winton [Wynton], Winwood

Wistar [Wister], Vito [Witold], Dewitt [Witt], Vladimir [Wladimyr, ..], Humphrey [Wmffre], Wolcott, Wole, Wolfe [Wulfe, ..], Wolfert, Wolfgang [Wulfram, ..], Woodrow [Woody], Woodson, Woodstock, Woodward [Woodard], Elwood [Woody], Haywood [Woody], Woody, Woolworth, Worth [Worthy, ..], Wortham

Woyzeck [Wozzeck, ..], Wray, Wright, Risley [Wrisley], Riston [Wriston], Wyandanch, Wyatt [Wyeth, ..], Wyck [Wyche, ..], Wyckoff [Wykoff], Wycliff [Wycliffe], Wycombe [Wycomb], Wylan [Wyland], Wyler, Wylie [Wye, ..], Wyman, Gwyn [Wyn], Wyn, Wyndham [Wynndham, ..], Gwynfor [Wynford, ..], Wynn [Wynton, ..]

10. Wystan

Wystan [Wystann]

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