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Y baby names and what they mean, with 73 results. The more fashionable names for newborns among these are Yael (#932), Yehuda (#930), Yosef (#723), Yousef (#790) and Yusuf (#567), while Yan (TOP 3%) and Youssef (8%) are familiar Y- last names. Here is the list of Y- names for girls.

Yaakov - Yarrow | Yasahiro - Yishachar | Yishai - Ysidro | Ysmael - Yvor

Yaakov - Yarrow

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Y- names: Yaakov, Yael, Yakov, Yale, Yancey, Yancy

Yaakov and variants

Yaakov, var. Yakov1, Yakob, Yago1, Yachov, Yacov, Yaacob
Root fr. Hebrew. "He who supplants." Yarkov and Yeokov are creative variations.

Derived fr. Hebrew. "Forest." Unusual, but Yaar is similar to common last names Kaar (UPPER 62%), Baar (19%), which also end with -aar. See also Yasr.

Yakim1, Yachim1
Forms of Joachim. From Hebrew element. "Established by God." Not in Top 2000.

Yakim2, Yachim2
Var. of Jehoiakim. Based on Hebrew language. "Established by God." Outside Top 2000.


Form of Jael. Stems fr. Hebrew language. "Mountain goat." Yael is prevalent as a children's name compared to other forms. See also Yoel.

Form of Iago. Stems fr. Spanish, Welsh, Hebrew elements. "He who supplants." Yago was not a Top birth name in 2018.

Stems fr. Native American Indian element. "He who yells." Not in popularity charts.

From Hebrew word. "Precious." Yakar is rare as a boys' name. See also Makar.

Yakim3, var. Yachim3, Yacheem
Derivative of Hebrew element. "Established by God." Not in popularity charts.

Jacob and variants

Yaqub, Yakup, Yakov2
Forms of Jacob. Based on Hebrew element. "He who supplants." Adoption of Yakov and variants as children's names in 2018 was 3.3% more than in 2017.

Yale and variants

Yale, var. Yael2
Stems fr. Welsh, Old English words. "Heights, upland; fertile moor." Usage of Yale and Yael as baby names in 2018 was up 16.8% compared to the year before.

Yemin, Yamino, Yamin
Var. of Benjamin. Origin fr. Hebrew language. "Son of the right hand." Yamin, Yamino and Yemin are unusual as birth names.

Based on Aramaic. "He will answer." Yanai, like the similar-sounding Yanni, occurs more usually as a last name. See also Yanno.

Yancy and variants

Yancy, var. Yantsey, Yancey, Yance
Possibly an Indian word for "Englishman" .. Yance and Yantsey are more unique as boys' names among the versions of Yancy.

Yann, var. Yannick, Yannic
Derived fr. French, Hebrew. "God is gracious." Yann, Yannic and Yannick are not frequently adopted as birth names.

Yanno, Yanni1
Var. of John. Based on Hebrew element. "God is gracious." Yanni (UPPER 20%) and Yanno (97%) are found regularly as surnames.

Yannis, var. Yannakis, Yanni2
From Greek, Hebrew. "God is gracious." Yannis, Yanni and Yannakis are uncommon as children's names.

Yaphet, var. Yapheth
Source fr. Hebrew word. "Comely." Not in popularity charts.

Yardley, var. Yeardley, Yarley, Yardly, Yardlea, Yardleigh, Yardlee
Derived fr. Old English language. "Fenced meadow." Not in Top 2000.

Plant name .. Yarrow, like the similar Darrow, exists more often as a last name.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Y- names for boys.

1. Yaakov - Yarrow
Yaakov [Yago, Yakov, Yakob, Yacov, ..], Yaar, Joachim [Yakim, Yachim], Jehoiakim [Yakim, Yachim], Jael [Yael], Iago [Yago], Yaholo, Yakar, Yakim [Yachim, Yacheem], Jacob [Yaqub, Yakup, Yakov], Yale [Yael], Benjamin [Yemin, Yamin, Yamino], Yanai, Yancy [Yance, Yancey, Yantsey], Yann [Yannic, Yannick], John [Yanno, Yanni], Yannis [Yanni, Yannakis], Yaphet [Yapheth], Yardley [Yardly, Yarley, Yeardley, Yardleigh, ..], Yarrow

Yasahiro, Yasir [Yasr, Yasser, Yaseer], Yates [Yeats], Yazid [Yazeed], Ezekiel [Yechezkel], Ephraim [Yefrem], Igor [Ygor, Yegor], George [Ygor, Yuri, Yuriy, Yurik, ..], Joshua [Yehoshua], Yehudi [Yehuda, Yehudit, Yehudah, Yechudit, ..], Elisha [Yelisei], Emil [Yemelyan], Yeoman [Youman], Jeremiah [Yeremia, Yeremiya, Yeremiyah], Yesenin, Eugene [Yevgeny, Yevgeni], Yevgeny [Yevgeniy], Egor [Ygor], Issachar [Yisachar, Yissachar], Yishachar [Yisachar]

Jesse [Yishai], Israel [Yisrael], Isaac [Yitzhak], Yitzhak [Yitzchak], Ymir, Ingram [Yngraham], Ynyr, Yochanan [Yohannan], Joel [Yoel], Yoelvis, Yonas, Yorath, Yorick, York [Yorke, Yorick, Yorrick], Yosemite, Young, Joseph [Yusuf, Yusup, Yuszef, Yussuf, ..], Yovanny [Yovanni, Yovanney], Isandro [Ysandro, Ysander], Isidore [Ysidro]

Ishmael [Ysmail, Ysmael], Ismail [Ysmal, Ysmail], Yucatan, Udell [Yudell, Yudale], Yukon, Yule, Uriah [Yuri, Yuria], Juri [Yuri], Yuri [Yury, Yurii], Yusuf [Yusef, Yosef, Yusuff, Yoseff], Ivo [Yvo, Yves], Yves [Yvo, Yvon], Ivor [Yvor]

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