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Z baby names and what they mean, with 55 results. The most fashionable baby names among these are Zain (#587), Zane (#200), Zayne (#404), Zeke (#642) and Zion (#183), while Zang (TOP 10%) and Zorn (5%) are popular Z- surnames. Here is the list of Z- names for girls.

Zaccheus - Zared | Zarek - Zero | Zeus - Zuriel

Zaccheus - Zared

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Z- names: Zacary, Zacchaeus, Zach, Zacharia, Zachariah

Zaccheus and variants

Zaccheus1, var. Zacheus1, Zachaios1, Zacchaeus
Derivative of Hebrew word. "The Lord recalled." Not Top 2000 names.

Zachariah and variants

Zachariah, var. Zeke, Zekeriah, Zekariah, Zechariah, Zecheriah, Zakery, Zakariyyah, Zakarias, Zakarie, Zak1, Zackie, Zackerias, Zackery1, Zackariah, Zack1, Zachery1, Zacheus2, Zacherish, Zachary1, Zacharias, Zacharie1, Zacharia, Zachaios2, Zaccheus2, Zach1, Zaccariah, Zaccaria, Zacarias, Zacary, Zacaria
From Hebrew element. "The Lord recalled." Zacariah is also a moderately popular baby name.

Zachary and variants

Zachary2, var. Zackery2, Zakary, Zakari, Zackery3, Zak2, Zackary, Zackarey, Zachery2, Zack2, Zacharie2, Zach2, Zaccary, Zaccery
Source fr. Hebrew word. "The Lord recalled." Zackery, var. (compare Zachry, Zambory) are popular -ry suffix surnames.

Isaac and variants

Zak3, Zack3
Var. of Isaac. Source fr. Hebrew. "Laughter." Zack is commonly used as a children's name among the versions of Isaac.

Zadok, var. Zaydok, Zadoc
Root fr. Hebrew element. "Just, righteous." Zandok and Zoidok are creative forms.

Zafar, var. Zaphar
From Arabic language. "Victory." Zalar (TOP 31%), Zahar (81%) are common last names.

Derivative of Hebrew element. "Gold." Zahavi is not in the Top 2000.

Zahir and variants

Zahir, var. Zayyir, Zahur1, Zaheer
Derivative of Arabic. "Blossoming, flourishing." Zahir is the continual favorite.

Zahur2, var. Zahoor, Zahour
Derived fr. Arabic, Swahili words. "Blossom." Not Top 2000 names.

Zaylour, Zaylor, Zailor
Forms of Taylor. Origin fr. Middle English, Old French languages. "Tailor; to cut." Not widespread. Zailor, Zaylor and Zaylour are not found in the US Demographics.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Z- names: Zacharias, Zacharie, Zachary, Zachery, Zack

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Z- names: Zackary, Zackery, Zahir, Zain, Zaine

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Z- names: Zakari, Zakary, Zakery, Zander, Zane

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Z- names: Zayne, Zechariah, Zeke


From Hindi element. "Godly light." Zain is intermittently used as a first name, registering commonly (TOP 57%) as a last name. See also Zaine.

Source fr. Arabic word. "Chaste, pure." Unusual as a baby name, but Zaki is comparable to the more common Zeke. See also Zach.

Zale, var. Zayle
Derived fr. Greek language. "Sea-strength." Unusual as birth names, but Zale and Zayle are comparable to the more conventional Zayne.

Zalman, var. Zalomon
Derivative of Hebrew language. Variant of Solomon .. Zalman and Zalomon are unusual male names, and Zalman exists commonly (UPPER 52%) as a last name.

Zander and variants

Zander1, var. Zann, Zandros1, Zandro1, Zan
Derived fr. Slavic, Greek words. "Man's defender." Zan, Zandro, Zandros and Zann are more uncommon as baby names among the variations of Zander.

Form of Sander. From German, Greek. "Man's defender." Zander is in the Top 2000. See also Vander.

Zandros2, Zandro2, Zander3
Var. of Alexander. From Greek language. "Man's defender, warrior." Zander was a Top birth name in 2018.


Form of John. Derived fr. Hebrew language. "God is gracious." Conventional, with usage of 0.112% for Zane as a boys' name in 2018, higher than 0.106% the previous year. See also Zann.

Zane and variants

Zane2, var. Zayne, Zaine, Zain2
From Hebrew word. "God is gracious." Zane, Zain and Zayne have increased in prominence since 1880-1889.

Derived fr. Hebrew word. "Trap." Not that prominent as a baby name.

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Summary Index of names [and variants] for Z- names for boys.

1. Zaccheus - Zared
Zaccheus [Zacheus, Zachaios, Zacchaeus], Zachariah [Zeke, Zakery, Zekeriah, Zekariah, Zecheriah, Zechariah, ..], Zachary [Zak, Zakari, Zakary, Zackery, Zackary, ..], Isaac [Zak, Zack], Zadok [Zadoc, Zaydok], Zafar [Zaphar], Zahavi, Zahir [Zahur, Zayyir, Zaheer], Zahur [Zahoor, Zahour], Taylor [Zailor, Zaylor, Zaylour], Zain, Zaki, Zale [Zayle], Zalman [Zalomon], Zander [Zan, Zann, Zandro, Zandros], Sander [Zander], Alexander [Zander, Zandro, Zandros], John [Zane], Zane [Zain, Zayne, Zaine], Zared

Zarek, Azariah [Zariah], Xavier [Zavier], Zebediah [Zeb, Zebedee], Zebulon [Zeb, Zevulun, Zevulon, Zebulun, Zebulen], Zedekiah [Zed, Zedekias, Zedechiah], Seferino [Zephyr, Zephir, Zefarin, Zefirino], Ezekiel [Zeke], Zeke, Selig [Zelig], Zelig [Zelik, Zeligman], Zenas [Zenon, Zenios], Xenos [Zeno, Zenos], Zeno [Zino, Zinon, Zenon], Zenobios [Zinov, Zinovi, Zenobius], Zephaniah [Zeph, Zephan], Zephariah, Zephyr [Zefir, Zephir, Zayphir, Zephyrus, Zephirus, Zephiros, ..], Zerach [Zerah], Zero

Zeus, Zev [Zeev], Sigmund [Zygmunt, Zikmund, Zsigmond], Zimran, Zindel [Zindil], Sion [Zion], Zion, Zipkiyah, Ziv [Zivon, Ziven], Zoilo, Zoltan, Zuberi [Zubery, Zooberi], Zuhayr [Zuhair], Zuni, Zuriel

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